New Year Message from our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık YARILGAÇ

While we are leaving 2017 behind, we are about to start the new year about which we are hopeful that our children and youths, who are the guaranties of our future, will have happier and more peaceful life. May this new year, under the sign of cooperation and solidarity, be one of peace, health and friendship for you and your loved ones, and may happiness and prosperity be yours throughout the year.

As Ordu University, we will continue our studies in order to carry our country a step forward and build the future based on mutual tolerance and respect by the help of the collaboration with all segments of a society in 2018. Our university will lead each individual aiming at lifelong learning alongside our valuable society and country. Moreover, our way will be illuminated by power and courage taken from effective working environment at our institution.

Our common studies with the national and international scientific world, increasing number of projects and academic publishing take our university a step further to be a global branding. Our university with its programmed, disciplined, hardworking and productive structure is both the locomotive of the city and it discharges its responsibilities with the projects carried out.

With these feelings, I hope that our successful studies which we carried out in 2017 together will increase. I wish that new year will bring health, happiness and success to humanity.


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