The First Career Days to direct Marine Sector started in Fatsa

The Rector of Ordu University in company with a great deal of participations from highest authorities from marine sector, public heads, academicians and students took part in the opening ceremony. At the opening speech, the Lecturer, Dr Nihan Şenbursa stated that the participations to be carried out during the career days are of great importance for the students who will most probably perform to direct Turkish maritime industry and the Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences.  

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof Dr Bahar Tokur made a speech at the ceremony and said ‘ We know that marine sector needs qualified sailors in our country which has all conditions for marine trade. Thus, I would like to point out that our main target is to train the personnel who treats the traditions, rules, justice, morality and working disciplines of marine. We believe that the event which provides  the students to get to know with the stakeholders in marine sector and gain their experiences. For     this reason, I would like to deliver all my thanks to all the guests for their participations.’

The Local Governor of Fatsa, Mehmet Yapıcı focused on the importance of Fatsa port and career days for  the students’ professional lives. The vice-governor of Ordu province, Adem Öztürk also made a speech at the ceremony and said ‘ the career days are significant in respect of sharing experiences and knowledge about marine sector with the students and added that Ordu University has done a lot of improvement to make the faculty take further.’

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç made a speech and said ‘’ Universities are institutions which organize educational activities, international events, workshops for social responsibility placing the knowledge to a social base with all these qualifications and academic structure. University draws attention as career focused-institution. Thus, they are centres where  career plans and improvements will be performed in the best way.

Ordu University carries out the works aiming at improving of the skills of the students to prepare them for not only national but also international competitions. These kinds of events to be held by Ordu University are enjoyable for the professional lives of the students who can gain the skills to analyze, comprehend and be aware of the difficulties during their life period. I would like to thank all the lecturers and guests for their participations and wish success to all the students.’’  

After the opening talks, the director of chamber of shipping, Tamer Kıran, the director of chamber of marine engineers, Feramuz Aşkın, the director of marine federation, Erkan Dereli, the member of Turkish shipowners’ association, Cihan Ergen, the director of Turkish maritime pilots’ association, Muhammer Arslantürk delivered talks about the future of marine sector, the improvement in marine engineering, the expectations of the sector from the students and some more subjects and shared their experiences. During the continuation of the ceremony, the Rector Yarılgaç accompanying with all the participations made a visit to practice ship.

The programme continued with the panel titled ‘’ the year 2019 ;  a view to Turkish marine’’. The lecturers delievered their speeches on the subjects ; the conditions of Turkish marine, marine economy, the problems of seamen. The First Career days will last on 6th December,2018.

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