ODU Has Met Its New Students With A Qualified Understanding Of Science And Suitable Infrastructure For The Modern Age

Aiming to reach universal standards by pursuing continuous development and innovation, our university has started its education period with 2018-2019 with its more than 23 thousand students. 
Our university has entered a new period with the orientation seminars organized for the purpose of contributing to the process of adaptation to university life and creating a sense of belonging. 2018-2019 academic year with new education areas with high quality infrastructural conditions at world standards, where all the requirements of technology and modern age are met. 
A living Campus for 24 Hours
With its young and dynamic structure, our university continues to grow both academically and physically since its foundation and it continues to offer its students a privileged education and living environment with its structures in the international standards, original architecture and environmental regulation. Our university, which is an exemplary university with its computer-information infrastructure, broadband internet connection and rich library facilities, offers modern life and work opportunities with all kinds of comforts by providing transportation and time to students in the dormitories belonging to the Credit Dormitories Institution in the Cumhuriyet Campus.


Qualified Research Environments
Our university, which works intensively in order to maintain its educational activities in places with all kinds of opportunities required by contemporary education, offers its students the opportunity to work in better equipped areas with its scientific infrastructure. In this context, while our university conducts scientific researches and projects at regional, national and international level with 140 laboratories, it carries out its services for the benefit of the society with the scientific researches carried out by educating qualified staff in each stage of research and development processes. In addition, 57 thousand 269 printed and 200 thousand electronic books in the Emin Çetinceviz Central Library provide a research environment for students.


Ongoing Activities Throughout the Year
Our university carries on activities with its 31 student clubs to provide the services that will enable the health, culture, sports and social needs of the students to be improved, to improve their social status and to develop their abilities and personalities in a healthy way and to educate them as individuals who take care of their spiritual and physical health, to work together regularly and disciplined, to provide resting and qualified entertainment habits.

Increasing Student Satisfaction per Year
According to Turkey Universities Satisfaction Survey which searchs for the students’ satisfaction of the students from the management and operation of the university,  from the academic support and attention provided to them by the university management, from the campus of the university, from the level of wealth of learning opportunities and resources at their universities, our university has increased its position among the 109 state universities by taking 10 places to 41st place.

The Rector of our University stated:”Universities are the institutions that have the most duty to raise the welfare level of all mankind and that the higher education institutions have come to the forefront in the education of qualified human power. Therefore,  Ordu University has provided its students with all opportunities since its foundation. It is accepted by everyone that the most important power is knowledge in today's world where almost everything changes and changes rapidly. Therefore, it is of great importance to produce and manage information. As Ordu University, we act with the awareness of the importance to be given to innovation, R & D, design and branding in this period, where rapid changes and transformations are taking place. The achievements reached as a result of the works we carry out in the forefront of quality in the process should be evaluated as a natural result of our individual and institutional structure both. It is the product of our synergies and collaborations with our esteemed academicians and administrative staff that our university has reached today with its modern educational service buildings, laboratories, research centers, social areas and quality education understanding. In this context, our university aims to provide students with academic education and practices and professional skills, to produce knowledge by conducting scientific, social and economic based practices and researches, to prepare them for community life by giving duties and responsibilities to young people, to contribute to the education, consciousness and culture level of the society. Our university aims to design and present them in the most appropriate way places where students from different cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds spend a large part of their extracurricular time during their education. Being aware of the fact that a modern university will be formed through social activities as well as a good education, our university leads many events in this direction, increases the number and variety of cultural activities in every period. In addition, it continues to contribute to the development of its students by hosting seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels and interviews with many important scientists at national and international level. Research-based education approach will continue to accelerate to the region and city with the quality educational environments and facilities our university provides to its more than 23 thousand students students in the 2018-2019 academic year.”


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