2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony Was Done

2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony was done.


The opening speech of the ceremony, the Rector. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç made a presentation about the development of Ordu University. Yarılgaç says ‘‘we are proceeding with determined steps to become an effective institution not only in our city and region but also nationally and internationally. For this reason, we have started with the confidence given by our fast-paced new year of education and training, like every year as the administration of Ordu University. Ordu University with their scientific, social and cultural life with their modern and all-inclusive capacity offers comfortable, reliable, peaceful and quality education to its students who prefer our university. It should not be forgotten that this production can only be possible with the human power that education shaped today, when knowledge production and sharing are important. Therefore, we aim to educate these young people who we entrusted our future in the universities which are the supreme scientific institutions, as individuals who produce, share, feed on the right information, think freely, express their opinions openly and discuss it in an environment of tolerance.’’


The Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that Ordu University does not only pay attention to the numerical increase but also puts qualified education at the center of its growth strategy. "We made very important investments in all our campuses and all the infrastructure, classrooms and laboratories related to education and training. We have now increased the number of laboratories from 14 which were built at the beginning of the university to 137 now with fully equipped laboratory tools. Also we accelerated the quality of our scientific work in all our training units. According to the results of (URAP) 2017-2018, 54 universities were established after 2000 and ranked 25th in the university. According to the results of the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TMA) 2017 report, in which 164 universities were included, 13,969 students took place in the "general satisfaction" rankings of the undergraduate students in the 108th rank last year, our university has ranked 83rd in this among the state universities in 2016. The 62nd place has risen to 53rd place this year. Much more important thing is that in our university, the rankings of the 2017 State Universities General (DÜS), in which the academic incentive performances are evaluated, rose by 45 digits and were ranked 20th this year. Among the universities established after 2006, it increased its position in the 28th place last year. Within a short period of time like 11 years, we have recorded many useful qualified success and have succeeded in making this qualified institutional culture by undertaking the locomotive task with these successes in our city and region.


The Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said that "Our university started teaching and learning process with 4400 students, 118 academicians and 110 administrative staff in 2006. Today, our university is progressing rapidly with 730 academic, 348 administrative, 300 service recruitment personnel and 23 thousand students. I would like to inform you the developments in our university with some statistical figures: According to the years of our university, the number of undergraduate students has increased by 5.3 times and the number of graduate students has increased by 79.1 times. In addition to this, there has been a big increase in the numbers of programs suc as 2.6 times for pre-graduate, 5 times for graduate, 12.5 times for graduate and 10 times for doctoral programs. Moreover, there has been increases by 8.3 times in terms of teaching staff, by 6.9 times in terms of teaching staff and by 8.8 times in terms of administrative staff, by 19.6 times in the number of academic meetings held in our university, by 41.2 times in Ordu University publications and by 23 times in academic publications. In the process, for all of these performances, education and campus areas, very serious investments have been made to research, and especially to create the habitats of our students. We will continue to create projects with this understanding of work because we know that powerful nations are building their future over the cultural and historical heritage they have received from their past. Each year, Ordu University continues to increase the capacity and quality of its educational, research and collective service activities. We are constantly raising the number of students of our university around the strategies which we have determined in line with these studies. We will continue to sign important scientific studies for the development of our country with the valuable contributions of our academic and administrative staff during this educational period. As scientists, we will continue to take decisive steps to support our country's serious efforts towards development in overcoming the challenges of the rapidly changing world. "

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