Rector Akdoğan's Visit to Ordu Apiculture Research Institute

        Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan visited the Directorate of Ordu Apiculture Research Institute and received information about the work carried out. 

       During the visit while exchanging ideas about joint research, projects and collaborations between our University and Ordu Apiculture Research Institute, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tahsin Tonkaz, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Zekai Tarakçı and Ordu Apiculture Research Institute Director Feyzullah Konak accompanied Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan. Rector Akdoğan made observations in the bee health, genetics and biotechnology, food technology, morphology and bumble application and research laboratory within the Directorate.
Rector Akdoğan, who received information about studies on Apiculture and bee products and made examinations in the relevant laboratories, stated, “Ordu Apiculture Research Institute, an institution affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has a very modern structure in terms of technical equipment and laboratory. Here, there is an environment and possibility to investigate all issues related to bees and honey.
In addition, within the framework of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Higher Education Council, the doors of cooperation between our University and the Apiculture Institute Directorate have been opened. Thus, as one of Turkey's most important honey producing provinces, that our people can produce more efficient apiculture and high quality honey is of utmost importance. As Ordu University and Apiculture Institute Directorate, we plan to make our producers more equipped to produce in a scientific framework and professionality. We will provide the necessary cooperation with our University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Engineering and the Apiculture Institute, and we will be instrumental in making Ordu a national and international brand in honey production through seminars, conferences and related trainings in order to achieve this aim.
       Feyzullah Konak, Director of Ordu Apiculture Research Institute stated, “Within the scope of our field of study, there are many important issues such as acting in cooperation with our University and carrying out R&D studies. For our country, it is of great importance in terms of creating added value for both data source and diversification of bee products, and more importantly, in transforming information into products as synergy. We hope to carry out important studies on bee products, their use in human nutrition and other fields, in collaboration with Ordu University."


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