ODU Accelerated for Studies on Being a Research University

In the interview with Anadolu Agency on research universities, Rector Yarılgaç  emphasized on the quality of education, theoretical and applied research activities at the international level, as well as the additional value provided to the city as a research university candidate in order to continue its work without interruption and added  Ordu University’s having a brand value in its region with its intellectual accumulation, knowledge infrastructure and scientific activities  since its foundation.

Within the scope of the Regional Development Oriented Mission Diversification and Specialization Project initiated by the Council of Higher Education in 2017. The universities that want to enter the list of research universities need to fulfill the necessary parameters in order to reach this position have been having transformation in many areas from its infrastructure to the governance system.

Rektor Yarılgaç, “Research universities are organizations that contribute universally to science.“

Ordu University, which has made a name for itself with its physical growth and scientific studies despite its short history,  continues to work on becoming a university research candidate with its laboratories, research projects, scientific publications, increasing graduate programs and qualified academic staff.

Ordu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said that research universities, which are the institutions that play a critical role in the social and economic development of countries, provide universal contributions to science and provide comprehensive education. For countries such as Turkey, which is in the growth process for the existence and strengthening of the great importance of research universities,  
laboratory infrastructures, library and information systems, and supporting research environments are required. He added qualified educators, researchers, students and administrative staff of research universities are crucial.

11 times increase in research infrastructure since 2006

Rector Yarılgaç who said that one of the most important criteria of being a research university is having a sound research infrastructure,  stated that the number of research, health, education laboratories and workshops, which were 14 at the time of establishment of Ordu University, reached 152 as of 2019, and research infrastructure increased up to 11 times. He added that the existing laboratories' equipment has been increased and new laboratories have been established in line with the needs.

Rector Yarılgaç pointed out that the laboratory environments where research and development activities are carried out are the doors of universities to the world science:” The most important places contributing to the recognition of universities on a global scale, nationally and beyond, are laboratories equipped with sufficient resources and scientific and technological tools. Ordu University, which started its education journey with 14 laboratories during its establishment period, continues its studies with its laboratories besides the new ones in the Faculty of Dentistry which has been opened in recent months with its research, health, education laboratories and number of workshops, which offer significant benefits to the world science heritage. Our researchers who are at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels of our university laboratories, which carry out successful studies on a global scale, continue their research and development activities that will make a significant contribution to the scientific literature. 
We aim to introduce qualified scientific studies with the laboratories we have established, to give priority to international and practical studies, to benefit the qualified personnel of our country and to increase the competitiveness of our country in scientific field.


90 times Increase in Master’s Degree Education

Qualified and skilled graduate and doctoral students are expected to be trained in research universities, which are focused on graduate education. Rector Yarılgaç stated that, according to this criterion of being a research university, Ordu University has provided 9.5times increase in social sciences, 31 times of science and 40 times  increase in health sciences.

The publication performance is expected to be high in research universities which are evaluated according to parameters such as having qualified academic human resources, low number of students per instructor and high publication performance. In this context, aiming to increase the criteria of being a research university, Ordu University increased the number of academic staff from 100 to 750, increasing the number of scientific publications 50 times in the international arena and accelerated its studies in the SCI, SSCI and AHCI indexes.

Increasing Projects for University and Industry Cooperation

Rector Yarılgaç stated that Ordu University has candidate to be a research university with its academic qualification and the added value it provides to its region. In addition to the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) unit within the university, TUBITAK, SAN-TEZ, DOKAP, EU Funds and special agreements within the scope of externally supported research projects; He underlined various projects with public institutions and the private sector and continued efforts to strengthen university-industry cooperation. Yarılgaç explained, “Development of countries and regions, sharing of information to enable them to have a voice in the international arena and development of existing knowledge and experiences in line with scientific studies are important. Another way to become a strong state is to accelerate R & D activities and share the findings with industry and other stakeholders. For this reason, it is necessary to cooperate with the industry, which uses the knowledge in a practical manner and transforms it into a product to be useful to society. The University leaves the information it obtains by doing research to the industry for its application; it turns the results obtained by industry into retraining.

Research universities are working with the mission of contributing to the development of the economy and the welfare of the society with the knowledge they have developed, the qualified work force they train and the information transfer activities they carry out. Our university, which tries to improve itself with this approach, has adopted a central role in the higher education of our country, the understanding that scientific knowledge production is based on research and has reached a strong position in research activities by carrying out all its works simultaneously. Our university, which tries to improve itself with this approach, has adopted a central role in the higher education of our country, and the understanding that scientific knowledge production is based on research and has reached a strong position in research activities by carrying out all its works simultaneously. In university-industry, university business world, university- public sector cooperation,  R & D capacity is highlighted and our university has adopted the role of an innovative and entrepreneurial university. Our university adopts the principle of fulfilling its pioneering power, which directly serves the society, produces new information for the development of the country, succeeds in transforming this information into a commercial product and contributes to the human capital.”


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