The Projects for energy consumption and solid waste is on the way to increase at ODU

The number of the ongoing projects being conducted with the aim of reducing the dependence on foreign sources and improving valu-added products in the field of sustainable energy is gradually increasing.

In this scope 20 different projects have been financially supported by the department of scientific research projects at the University of Ordu. As a result of the researches, Dr Ali Ekber Özdemir and Dr Sibel Akkaya from the Faculty of Marine Sciences and 3 other lecturers from 19 Mayıs University have already comleted 5 research projects. The patent application has already been done for thwo of them.

   ‘’A 50 W-powered experimental jenerator produced ‘’

  The conducted projects are as follows ;

  • Termoelectronics energy transformation
  • Piezoelectronics energy transformation
  • An alternative and a new non-exist wind türbine

At the end of the researches the production of 50 W power-producing experimental jeneratör has been completed. The jeneratör which enables energy production as well as providing hot water has a working life of 20 years dut o not having a mobile tool.

Another jeneratör which has already been completed enables solar energy 20 times condensing and transforms it into electrical energy with the help of fresnel condensers. In additio, Dr Ali Ekber Özdemir is also doing reseraches on a new jeneratör design which transforms wavw energy into electrical energy in the framework of an undergraduate thesis he conducts.

   The target ; Zero Waste

With the project '' Zero Waste'' launched by the Ministry of Environment  and Urbanization which is described as waste management philosophy aiming at waste protection , much more efficient use of natural resources, presentation or minimization of waste production , collection of waste source in existing case, the institute of science at Ordu University continues the studies about the use biofuel in renewable energy branch as biodizel and also the department keeps  researching in the scope of increasing the efficiency with the hazelnut.  In addition, in the project titled '' Regional focused mission differentiation'' obtaining biodizel using nutshells and nut oil are in the process to act.

In the scope of all the works mentioned above, in order to make contribution to economy the project ''The meals  never go into rubbish'' have been introduced. Through the project 1.320 tone waste food has been sent to the house of street animals and 50 kg waste oil to te waste mangement office of the municipality every week.

The Rector Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç made a press release about the matter. The Rector said '' Everywhere in the world  the countries are in a competition to discover  new ways of energy production and use in the framework Rsearch & Development. In this sense, demand problems and increasing energy costs reveal the concept of energy efficiency  which is accepted as the most important components of competition. Thought the capacity of the world , the energy efficiency should be increased gradually. The institutions in performing scientific studies in this scope are pionering the energy works to obtain the energy through non-stop, reliable, cheap ways and varying the sources. Wind, the Sun , biologics, water and wave are energy and environment friendly types. Wave energy leads the first line since it has no any negative points apart from its first costs.

Wave energy is on the position of enabling theenergy need in Turkey surrounded with the seas. In the scope we, as the university of Ordu, continue to contribute to the studies aiming at increasing the sustainable energy efficiency across the country using renewable energy resources in the Black Sea Region.

Within the context, I congratulate Dr Ali Ekber Özdemir and Dr Sibel Akkaya with their studies and wish them success for the future contributions''.

The Rector , Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç added '' We have already started a project to manage the waste and leave a clean world to the new generations in the development principles. Turkey is a rapidly growing and advancing country in industry and economic areas. The proper use of natural sources , protection of nature and carrying the sources to the next generations are among our goals. Thus, the present sources should be used in a sustainable way by the whole society. As known in a tree-absent area it is not available to survive. For this purpose all people should present sensitive consumer behaviours and be conscious of environment. We are targeting to stop wasting by creating a sustainable plan considering the present conditions. We shouldn't realize the issue as a responsibility rather than a task''.

The Rector finished his speech saying that '' the responsibility we keep in mind for nature , our children and our country will certainly lead us to the targets''.

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