Green Campus Protocol from ODU

A protocol was signed between our university and Giresun Forest District Directorate for the afforestation of the vacant areas in the universities of our universities with suitable species.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç signed a protocol for forestation of the campus area of our university in a visit to Giresun Forest Regional Director Mustafa Özkaya. To increase the forest area and growing stock for a greener Turkey, soil, water and plant woodlands against the deteriorating balance to establish between, improve and protect environmental values, to-do reforestation and erosion control works with trees and green love by spreading our people at all levels of society, their participation and in order to increase the awareness of the environment in our country, vacant areas in the university campus will be planted.
In accordance with the signing protocol, taking the necessary precautions to protect the area against the fire and other harmful effects by taking into account the boundaries of the areas to be afforested by the protocol, giving the ownership information and other documents related to the forests to the Ordu Forest Management Directorate and the irrigation of the biological independence of the saplings to the winner. In addition to this, by opening the soil profiles of the field and making physical and chemical analyses, making the Afforestation Implementation Project, making the land preparation and the barbed wire fence according to the technique, planting saplings, weeding-hoeing and completion (planting to dry seedlings) Providing necessary equipment by Ordu Forest Management Directorate on behalf of the Regional Directorate will be carried out by Giresun Forest District Directorate.

Campaign to organize the planting of the seedlings together with the university students by our university is planned to be planted by university students after the planting and seedlings will be planted instead of drying seedlings and drying seedlings in the following years.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç has explained upon the visit of Giresun Forest Regional Directorate Mustafa Özkaya: “In our fast-developing universities, our priority in architectural studies to improve physical conditions is to approach nature conservation and maximum protection of green areas with great care. While our goal is to grow rapidly, the existing habitat must be protected primarily in accordance with the texture of the region, and the factors such as the degradation of the present-day soil and the pollution of nature are reduced in the settlement. We intend to continue the greening activities that will play an important role in changing the appearance of our university by adding a new one with the protocol we have made with Giresun Regional Forestry Directorate. Under the protocol signed with the aim of contributing to the afforestation mobilization, we aim to identify new afforestation areas throughout our University and to prepare new afforestation areas and present trees and green love together in a beautiful environment with future generations. I wish the protocol to be beneficial to my region and I would like to wish success to all the Directorate staff, especially Giresun Forest Regional Manager.”

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