ODU Continues its efforts to strengthen its corporate memory

The program on Document Management and Archive Services, organized for the staff of the University, was carried out by the experts from the Presidency State Archives about the institutional archive with the participation of the Rector of our University, Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç.

The library was designed by the Department of Library and Documentation Department in order to accelerate the efforts for the recording and archiving of the information, documents, files and documents of the university both in the past and the future. The two-day training provided information on the establishment of institutional archive policies and standards, the establishment of relevant commissions (sorting-destruction), the determination of unit executives and various authorizations, and the issues to be considered in the unit archives. In addition, how to produce and classify physical and electronic documents under the standard file plan, the criteria and how long they should be kept in their respective folders, the transfer of the overdue documents from the unit archive to the institution's archive and the ways that the extraction and destruction commission should be followed during the destruction phase were explained.

Corporate Memory will be strengthened with Institutional Archive Management

As in every institution, a large number of documents are produced in our university every year and as the institutions grow, document systems need some systematic regulations. Ordu University, which has been continuing its development since its establishment, plans to establish the Department of Institutional Archive Directorate within the Directorate of Library and Documentation Department, considering that it is important to register many studies. With this unit, it is aimed to create records on who, when, how and where the works are done, and to strengthen the institutional memory of Ordu University by registering information and documents.

Archive will be digitalized

Having implemented the application of Electronic Document Management System and exchanging information in a digital environment with all its personnel, Ordu University has been able to record corporate history with digital methods by providing archival programming applications that provide internal and external communication and as an authentic and reliable information source. receivables.

Access to documentation and archive services will be easier thanks to the institutional archive system, which will collect, store, protect and distribute all academic and administrative accumulations of our university from the past to the present day in accordance with standard filing plans.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç mentioned  the importance of building a corporate memory on solid foundations and creating a high level of knowledge. He says, ‘‘It is very important that the institutions have a technical and intellectual infrastructure that they will reach to the works they have carried out in the past. This sub-structural development will provide a guiding function in future studies and transform the corporate memory into a continuous treasure of knowledge. As Ordu University, we continue to carry out studies in order to keep the information intact and to keep the information intact. Within the framework of these studies, with the Directorate of Library and Documentation Department, we will record the information and documents of our University and create a quality-oriented corporate memory by registering with the Directorate of Library and Documentation and thus will continue to develop its future projection on solid foundations. “

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