ODÜ Gives Acceleration to Scientific Studies

The number of scientific publications, which is an important criterion in the ranking of universities' performance and quality, Ordu University has experienced a huge leap last year. The academic staff of our university published 313 articles in SCI, SSCI, AHCI indexes in 2017, and 242 in SCI, SSCI and AHCI indexes.

Implementing an intensive support program to increase the number and diversity of qualified scientific studies, Ordu University began receiving compensation for incentives in this area. Last year, while our faculty members participated in the scientific activities of 1,700 in the university, 724 studies were presented to the scientific world in the form of papers, presentations and posters.

Our university also increased the number of publications per faculty member to 3 by 50% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Support for Scientific Research Projects of 1 million 522 thousand TL in 2017

With the project support provided, ODÜ aims to improve and improve the research capacity of the University and aims to support researchers at all levels from different units on the basis of the fair and efficient use of the project budget. In addition to the existing research, thesis, infrastructure projects and scientific activity support, with the rapid support to increase the productivity of the researchers, applications are being made to the projects for expanding the coverage of the scientific activities and the introduction of our university and providing new collaborations.

The number of projects, scientific support and budget supported by the ODÜ BAP every year, which contributes to the promotion of the academic success of the university by providing financial support to the aimed academicians especially for scientific research and thesis projects, is increasing. Accordingly, in 2017 a total of 431 research, thesis, infrastructure, scientific event organization, rapid support projects, budget support was 1 million 522 thousand TL.

Rector Professor of Ordu University who made an evaluation about the subject. Dr. "Scientific publications produced by the scientific circles, in particular universities, are a concrete indication of whether the science policy in our country is carried out in a healthy manner. Countries have to develop a publishing policy based on a healthy basis, in order to ensure that they are most likely to come through universities. In this context, since we were founded as Ordu University, we have increased our scientific publication count with our researcher soul and we are trying to fulfill our duties that are falling on our projects for the benefit of our country and our nationality. Our goal as a university is to go from national to global; to transform the theory into practice. Continuing to guide the region, Ordu University continued its academic studies by presenting the great progress that each area has shown in scientific publications. "

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