ODU Increases Its Quantity in National and International Exchange Programs

Since its establishment, Ordu University continues its academic and physical development as a national and global university with student and staff exchange programs such as Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana.

 A World Citizen University

Ordu University which cooperates with qualified universities of the countries such as England, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovenia, Denmark, Lithuania continues to work for Erasmus mobility or agreements as a world citizen university in the global framework within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Program which aims to provide experience in cultural, academic and practical fields and increase the international business union. In our university, a total of 302 Erasmus mobility took place between 2010 and 2011 education and training period until 2016-2017 education and training period in the fields of academic and administrative personnel mobility. 

A University Having Great Impact on National Network

Farabi Exchange Program, which is called as Student and Faculty Member Exchange Program among Higher Education Institutions, continues its business cooperation with 98 universities of our country, especially Ordu University, Marmara, Istanbul, Anadolu and Gazi University. In the Farabi Exchange Program, the national impact network of Ordu University, which realized a total of 309 exchange movements from 2009-2010 until 2017-2018, is expanding rapidly.

Cooperation with Universities from 18 Countries

Ordu University continues its partnership with a total of 42 universities from important countries of the Turkish world or other different countries such as Japan, Russia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Morocco, India, Iran, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uganda and Tanzania within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program. This program aimed at realizing the exchange of students and teaching staff between higher education institutions providing education in Turkey and higher education institutions providing education abroad. Within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program initiated by the Board of Higher Education as of 2011, the number of students attending our university is 1; the number of incoming students is 5; number of outgoing academic staff 6; a total of 13 changes were made in the student and academic framework, with 1 being the number of academic staff.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated: "in order to become an academic institution that has achieved international quality, it is aiming to be a member of the Ordu, which is engaged in high level research and education activities, supports innovative and entrepreneurial education, adopts an interdisciplinary approach and contributes to this region and country. The university is acting jointly with the universities in the national and international mosque. In this context, we have continued to increase our quality of cooperation in the scope of national and international exchange programs aimed at strengthening the quality of higher education, cooperation of higher education institutions with each other and the business world. We continue to increase these cooperations every year as a result of negotiations with different universities abroad. These programs provide opportunities for students and academics to work in different cultures, to upgrade their academic knowledge and experience, and to find employment in different countries. Agreements made up to this time will be an important tool for future joint projects. Being a more active university and at the same time making good use of these agreements, both foreign and incoming foreign students will be able to contribute to our University becoming a recognized university on international platforms. "

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