The coup attempt on 15th July 2016

The coup attempt on 15th July 2016 was a monumental turning point in Turkey's political history. The FETO has been frustrated in its attempt by being deciphered with the determined steps taken by the government of the Republic of Turkey. It was supressed by brave Turkish folk and the government.

Terrorist Organisation (FETO), without being different from other terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, Daish, etc. which are active in various regions of the world and pretend to take Islam as a reference, led by the so-called preacher Fethullah Gülen living in Pennsylvania for many years tried to infiltrate into various institutions of the state over the last three decades by illegitimate ways and methods in order to dominate their deviant religious ideologies by deflecting the essence of Islam which is the religion of peace, tranquility and brotherhood. Furthermore, it aimed to have an authority in all public institutions and organizations by establishing a new and illegitimate order and function in the direction of the organization and its illegitimate purposes instead of institutions and operating rules of democratic constitutional state.

The FETO took steps in this direction, but has been frustrated in its attempts by being deciphered with the determined steps taken by the government of the Republic of Turkey which has recently been elected in democratic election despite these illegal attempts and it resorted to coup attempt to make our country’s institutions and organizations immovable in order to reach its heinous goals.

A group of soldiers who were members of the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETO) attempted a treacherous coup against the legitimate ruling and supreme nationality on July 15, 2016. This atrocious attempt against the leadership of the President of the Republic of Turkey has been suppressed in a short period of time thanks to the exemplary cooperation of our national security forces. However, as you know, more than 240 people, civilians, police and soldiers lost their lives during this attempt; thousands were also injured.

In addition, many public buildings, especially the Presidential Palace and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, have been seriously assaulted and ruined in the face of the terrible threat posed by the Turkish nation and the current extent of this threat. As you would appreciate, those who have carried out this coup attempt will certainly be punished severely and pay the price before the nation and history. The Turkish nation and history will never forgive these terrorists.

Ordu University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, will not only make an effort in order to ensure the welfare of the Turkish state and nation but also will stand out against all elements threatening the peace and prosperity of our people at the same time.

We would like to take this occasion to express once again that terrorism can only be overcome with the determination and unity of all states and leading public institutions in the world, and terrorism can only be destroyed in this way. For this reason, the establishment of strong cooperation between all universities and scientists around the world against all forms of terrorism will strengthen the bonds among us and undoubtedly encourage us to carry out collaborations.



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