Our University Continues Its Success among State Universities

Our university was ranked 69th among 116 public universities in the 2019 State Universities and Faculties List where academic encouragement performances were evaluated.

In the 2019 State Universities and Faculties List report prepared by Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Education academic members Prof. Dr. Engin Karadağ and Prof. Dr. Cemil Yücel, the success ranking of faculties and academicians is included. In this report which includes academic encouragement performances of state universities and faculties affiliated to these universities, while our university was ranked 69th among 116 public universities, it ranked 25th among 63 universities in the ranking of universities established after 2006.

2nd among the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

According to the 2019 academic encouragement performance report of Ordu University, which increased its scientific activities in national and international fields every year, Faculty of Science and Letters ranked 2nd among the 50 public universities that were evaluated, while Faculty of Medicine was 23rd among 50 universities and Faculty of Dentistry was 10th  among 25 universities.

The State University and Faculties Ranking report is very important in terms of reflecting the academic effectiveness of the academicians of our university, and Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that this ranking presents an updated picture of universities and faculties. He continued his speech as follows: “This report, which is noteworthy in terms of the fact that the researchers in the universities consider the intensity indicator of their academic activities, guides the academic world in the scientific activities carried out. According to the report in question, the university is 69th among 116 public universities; 25th among universities established after 2006; the 2nd among the Faculties of Science and Literature is an indication that we are one step ahead in the scientific community. Qualified national and international studies, which are carried out for the purpose of contributing to the development of our region and our country within the university and which continue to increase every year, give the first signs that we will soon reach the higher points in the next years. I would like to congratulate all academicians who contributed to the development of our University, the development of our country and the education and training of our youth with their scientific studies and I wish them continued success.”


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