International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education hosted by Ordu Universty ended

The 17th of  International Conference entitled '' International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education (ICMME-2018)'' which every year gathers mathematics educators, teachers and students and mathematicians and engineers has been carried out by the hosting of  Ordu University. 380 participants from a variety of countries and Turkey joined the conference supported by the Association of Mathematicians. During the conference 420 declerations about mathematics, maths education and engineering within 104 sessions have been discussed.

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık YARILGAÇ made a speech at the end of the meeting stressing the significance of the conference and said '' We are very happy to welcome you, all distinguished and trustful participants, and proud that Ordu University organized such a great conference.'' The Rector continued '' The primary function of the institutions such as universities, science-based associations is not only to train people graduating from universities but in addition all these skills to contribute to the cities where they live and produce knowledge and make the knowledge discuss in the academic field. To reach these goals, scientific events have been performed in the framework of the International Mathematics Educator Conference about the latest advancements in maths field. Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç added '' In the light of the conferences and symposiums Ordu University will be able to gain more experience and contribute international relations of the country and cooperations. Globally searching scientific activities will go on accompanying with the hosting of Ordu Universiy.  In this sense I primarily thank organizing committee and supporting organizations and institutions and all the participants from abroad and Turkey.''


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