Greenland capacity at ODU increases

In the scope of the protocol signed between the University of Ordu and Giresun Regional Forest Institution, the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç has launched to plant a variety of woods in the University campus.

In the framework of the protocol aiming at increasing forest lands for greener Turkey, setting up a balance between water and plant and protecting and developing environmental values and extending the tree and green love into each individual in society and improving the environmental consciousness in the country, the empty fields in university campus have been launced to plant woods.

The Rector has gathered with the students and performed the planting the 25 varied species delivered by Ordu Forestry Institution, totally 5000 trees will be planted during the period.

7.5-fold increase with Greenland

In addition to increasing greenland capacity, Ordu University is progressing the works such as fertilising, sustainability, watering and cleaning up wild brushes and prunning as well.

With the aim of improving green areas, the capacity in university campus making structural and planting landscape projects and identifying the plants according to the regional ecologic conditions and creating estatic and functional exterior spaces have been increased up to 7.5-fold since 2014.

42 thousand square meter of land has been grassed for creation activities of the students, in the campus area, totally 48 thousand seasonal flowers , 2 thousand 259 trees and 6.797 brushes have been placed.

In a relevant manner, The Rector Yarılgaç said ‘’ We have already signed an agreement in cooperation with Giresun Forestry Institution to create wooding and leave healthy areas to the youngs. The University of Ordu, initially keeping the motto ‘’ The necessity of social responsibilities and socail gathering’’ has been in the process of creating greenland and healthy areas. In the present time destruction of natural beauties, we keep our mission of contributing to increase the existence of forests, forming better living spaces’’.

The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç also added ‘’ Planting trees should be evaluated as a significant issue such as giving life to human. We are the inheritors of a civilisation which makes the protection of natural life as giving a life to humans. We should appreciate the mission as the children of anchestors. As well as qualified, well-grown and dedicated to its values, the country also needs people aiming to protect and create greener lands.

The Rector Yarılgaç ended his speech saying that ‘’In this respect, I gratefully thank the participants to have taken part in the event and I think all these works will promote the people in society to lead the activities to protect destruction in nature’’.     

Greenland capacity at ODU by years

                                                   2014                        2015                   2016              2017 

Tree (number)                             533                          768                     215                743

Bush(number)                            1.445                       1.920                  1.518             1.914

Seasonal flower(number)           8.530                     14.745                 25.050            1.246

Grassing area(m2)                     5.600                     19.992                   6.048           10.360    






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