Rector Prof. Dr. Yarılgaç Reconnoitered the Faculty of Dentistry On-Site

Faculty of Dentistry moved to its new building in January of 2019 and it has been serving hundreds of patients with its infrastructure equipped with the latest technological systems every day. 
Faculty of Dentistry with a closed area of approximately 13 thousand square meters and offering services in a broader context to human health with 109 active units continues its education activities with 28 faculty members, 3 experts, 65 research assistants and 362 students in their new building. In the faculty where the preclinical, phantom and R & D laboratories are provided , thereby the theory and practice can be combined, there are 10 x-ray rooms, 8 polyclinics, 2 local and 1 general operating rooms, a seminar room for 80 people, 5 student amps with 80 students and a library and a computer laboratory.

Dental Treatment over 1 Million

In the Faculty of Dentistry, which continues to rank high in the region with dental health services it offers, the number of patients was 77 thousand 414, the number of dental treatment was 245 thousand and the number of surgical procedures was 4 thousand in 2018. In addition, since its establishment in 2012,  nearly 308 thousand patients were admitted to the Faculty of Dentistry, more than 1 million dental treatments were performed and 16 thousand patients underwent surgical procedures.
In addition to the treatment procedures, it was informed that bed service would be activated within the next few months and dental treatment procedures of mentally disabled patients would be performed.
Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, who made observations at the new faculty building stated, “On January 14, 2019, Ordu University Faculty of Dentistry started to provide services in its new building with its modern design and patient-friendly technical equipment. The Faculty of Dentistry has a superior spatial structure with 109 active units, 12 thousand 700 square meters of indoor space, 90 vehicles and 85 personnel parking lots with its technological and medical facilities and physical facilities. With a high occupancy rate in education quality and citizen-focused health care mission, our Faculty of Dentistry
is often mentioned both by providing health benefits to the future by educating future doctors and by performing numerous treatments and surgical procedures not only in Black Sea Region and also in the other regions. I would like to thank all academic and administrative staff in the Faculty of Dentistry, under the light of these successful data.



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