During the Disability Awareness Week “ Barrier-Free Shows” were Performed

The Barrier-Free Sports Festivals that started in our university during Disability Awareness Week ended with Barrier-free demonstrations.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Disabled Unit Coordinator Lecturer Hülya Solak, Vedat Yavuz, the President of the Ordu Visual Impaired Sports Club Association, academicians, administrative staff, students and invited guests attended.

On the second day of the Barrier-Free Sports Festival, a short movie, National Anthem by using a sign language, the poetry recital, the short film and semazen screenings by the Unye Trading Exchange Special Education Implementation Center were performed.

The opening speech of the program was made by Vedat Yavuz, the President of Ordu Visually Handicapped Sports Club Association: “I would like to express that this program by Ordu University made us very happy. We monitor sports, arts and cultural studies with education and employment together to ensure that all disabilities have a barrier-free world. Ordu, with its university founded in 2006, is a city which tells about itself to Turkey with all handicapped hand in hand powerfully. We will continue to set the bars high and look hopefully to life.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that there is a certain segment of the population composed of individuals with disability for any reason in Turkey as well as in the World: “Issues such as education, transportation, physical environment, housing, working life and improvement come to the forefront of the problems our disabled people face, and accessibility is at the focal point of all potential problem areas. We try to minimize disabled people 's accessibility problems to social life education and working life, public policies and social campaigns. In recent years, important steps have been taken in order to enable our disabled people to have more participation in their working life at the point of employment.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that: “To be sincerely inclined to the problems of our disabled citizens; to provide solutions to these problems, to integrate our disabled brothers into the society, to participate in the work force, to increase the peace and prosperity and to make scientific studies as institutions and to contribute individually and socially to the social responsibility projects are among our duties. With this awareness, it is vital for many people with disabilities to work at the highest level of service, to develop appropriate vocational training programs for their employment, to prepare the economic infrastructure of an environment in which they will live in a humane manner, and to work towards making disabled people independent and viable. We are continuing to give priority to the problems of our disabled citizens with the help of the Disability Student Unit at the University, to take seriously the solution of these problems, to support with the activities we have organized in this matter and the works we have done. As a result of the studies carried out in this context, Music and Performing Arts Faculty is entitled to become a flag candidate in the field of 'accessibility in the field' under the category of 'University Flags with No Barriers' by Council of Higher Education. I wish all the disabled people will have a peaceful and healthy life because all these activities will be carried out for this meaningful week and hope to increase social responsibility, sensitivity and awareness in this area.

After the program, Rector Yarılgaç presented a certificate of appreciation for his contribution to the Special Education Implementation Center of Ünye Mercantile Exchange and to the visually impaired Rümeysa Nur Demirel, who performed the poetry recital.

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