14 March Doctor’s Day was Celebrated at Our University

14 March Doctor’s Day Programme was organized by Ordu University Faculty of Medicine and Ordu Chamber of Medical Doctors.

Chief Prosecutor of the Republic Mehmet Ayaz, Ordu Judiciary President of the Commission Dr. Mesut Bilen, our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Tolunay Başer, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bayrak, Dean of Faculty of Science and Letters Prof. Dr. Öznur Ergen Akçin, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Derya Bostancı, Dean of Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Prof. Sabri Yener, academicians, students and guests attended the programme held in the conference hall of Faculty of Medicine Morphology Building.

The program which started with the respectful posture and the reading of the Turkish National Anthem continued with the demonstration of 14 March named music and the music concert. The President of Ordu Chamber of Medical Doctors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Enginyurt stated that: “The first celebration took place in Istanbul, which was occupied on March 14, 1919. On that day medical school students gathered to protest the occupation and gave support to famous doctors who devolved to them. Thus, the medical holiday began as a defense of the country's medical profession.” Enginyurt continued his speech as follows: “The planned city hospital in Ordu will of course solve many problems of our city in terms of health. Both the business model and the distance from the campus will be insufficient to meet the needs of the Faculty of Medicine in terms of education due to its capacity. It is an inevitable fact to have a university hospital in the campus except for the hospital we support.” Enginyurt celebrated the medical festival of health workers by stating that the medical profession is an honourable, hard-working, self-sacrificing profession by stating that the problems of the health careers are rested and the steps to be taken for the solutions are made.

Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine stated that: “Ordu University Faculty of Medicine has accepted the first student in the 2011-12 academic year and has started medical education with 20 students. A total of 359 students are studying at our faculty by the end of this academic year. We have made great efforts to educate our assistants and students as physicians with the latest knowledge and high clinical skills with a great effort with our young academic members who have high academic experience and experience in the medical faculty. Although it is not a newly established faculty, 12 of our 34 students who graduated last year earned a great success by winning the examination for specialty in medicine. We are proud of the great service that all the lecturers of our faculty members and health care workers have accomplished altogether. I congratulate the medical festival of our doctors who aim to live the human condition, to reduce the pain, to offer the more qualified life to humanity with every occasion and condition.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that doctors take important responsibilities to reach healthy society and continued as follows: “Today, technological developments are moving at a dizzying pace. The contributions of these developments to diagnosis and treatment in the field of health are accepted facts. The number of doctors who are very well trained in our country closely following these developments, equipped with high level, open to innovations and able to apply advanced technologies are increasing in this respect. In this context, the increasing number of faculty members are making their names known in science world while they shed light on our students in education and teaching life. In addition, our faculty, which acquired the mission to become the most important element of solution in solving the problems and developing in the region, graduated 34 doctor candidates in 2016-17 education period and added their first graduates to our country's health army.”

Rector Yarılgaç who stated that within the process, Ordu University has carried out important studies in the city at the point of health services continued as follows: “As a third stage health service providers in our country, there is an undeniable fact that we are aware of the lack of physical space in the existing main building, Educational Research, Gynaecology and Children's Hospitals in the additional building. The current Education and Research Hospital is unable to respond to the needs of the health problems and this causes that our citizens need to take this service from the nearby cities. It is our greatest desire that this disruption can be eliminated as soon as possible and the healthcare service can be provided by taking advantage of the latest technological developments in the city and the region of our University. Despite physical inadequacies, more than 363 patients were served in our University Training and Research Hospital last year and four thousand operations were carried out at the Maternity and Children's Hospital. Seven thousand operations and four million examinations were carried out in our hospital last year. All these data show us that there was a service race in our university hospitals last year.”

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