The Governor of Ordu is at Ordu University

The Governor Ordu, Seddar Yavuz, shared his knowledge and experiences about "State and Media Relations in Extraordinary Periods and Situations" with the students of Cinema and Television Department of Ordu University Fine Arts Faculty within the course of "Introduction to Communication Science".

Governor Seddar Yavuz visited visited our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç in his office. Our Rector Yarılgaç stated about the visit that: “Since 2006, our university has been a top scientific institution to produce value to our country, my country, my region in terms of education and teaching, in terms of scientific productivity as well as human resources. As Ordu University, we will continue our joint efforts with our Governor to carry out activities aiming to contribute to the socio-economic development of the city and to ensure the healthy co-operation of the city-university business union in order to increase the speed of development of our region. I would like to thank our Governor for his visit to our university and to share our knowledge and experiences with our students during his professional life.”

The Governor Yavuz, “By timely and correct information, disinformation can be prevented in large measure”

Seddar Yavuz, the Governor of Ordu, our Rector Prof. Dr. Prof. Tarık Yarılgaç ,Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan, the Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Derya Bostancı, the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Tahsin Tonkaz, academicians, students and guests attended to the programme organized in Çotanak Conference Hall.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yılmaz from the Faculty of Fine Arts made a presentation on the subject before the programme. Then Governor Seddar Yavuz shared his experiences with students on "State and Media Relations in Extraordinary Periods and Situations".

Governor Seddar Yavuz, expressing that the press is to enlighten the people in a way that reflects the objective and truth about all events that are of great interest or concern, is to open debates in order to refer public opinion to various issues, to equip them with accurate and truthful information on social and political formation, the society in which he lived and the awareness of the problems of the whole humanity are among the duties of the press. Yavuz stated that “In accordance with the nature of this task, the Constitution and the related laws give it a privileged position, which is considered to be free. This privileged position of the press in the world and the liberty accorded to it by the rule of law is subject to the boundaries drawn by law, like all freedoms. In press publications, it is necessary to respect the civil rights, which are included in the basic rights and freedoms section of the Constitution and which are guaranteed under the Civil Code and also special laws, and to avoid the attitudes and behaviours that can be attacked.”

Referring to how state-media collaboration should be in extraordinary periods, Governor Yavuz said, "In extraordinary periods, state institutions should not be conservative but give up the habit of keeping information and informing the media correctly. If accurate information, correct photographs, correct images are given at the time of the media, large-scale disinformation can be prevented. Therefore, continuous communication between the media and state organs should be constantly informed, and this information should be directed not just to guide but to reveal the truth.”

Yavuz stated that: “In the coup attempt of July 15, when we passed through extraordinary periods, we need to appreciate the position of the Turkish media. The Turkish media really took sides with the state and the nation. He never encouraged terror in this regard. After July 15, we have a very serious fight against the PKK terrorist organization. Therefore, I think that we should continue our path in the new era with the approach that considers our national interests and the state constantly informs the media constantly.”

After the program, our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç presented flowers to the Governor of Ordu Seddar Yavuz.

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