An International Cooperation for Sustainable Environment from ODU

Ordu University has participated in the project meeting titled PLANETISE '' Practical Learning for Action & Networking via an Educational Tool, Inspiring  Study of Environment '' aiming at producing studies in the fields such as protection of environment and active citizenship of the youth, struggles for climate changes at national and international levels.

On behalf of Ordu University, The Head of International Relations Office Associate Professor  Şermin Tağ Kalafatoğlu took part in the Planetise project meeting which makes the point of promoting the sense for  environment of the youngsters gaining social values , creating awareness in this field and organizing varied activities held in Napoli, Italy and made a presentation for the first session of the project.

During the presentation the participants from different countries discussed about the data obtained by the surveys and talked on the environmental problems and solutions in the participating countries and how the youngsters struggle with them.

The Cooperation among six countries

The participating coordinator of the project is Atatürk University targeting the young people to carry out the activities in the fields initially climate change and social and cultural organizations. In the framework of the project which will be held with the cooperation of Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Greece, participants from each foundation will meet and organize a variety of seminars and workshops and the acquisitons to be gained through the project will be published in six languages.

In addition to the whole targets mentioned above, through the Planetbook more motivating and interactive environment education for the youth is being planned. Through creating different kinds of technological and pedagogical methods , the youngsters are intended to form cooperation network and improve the skills of digital literarcy, experiment, communication, problem-solving, decision-making and participation.

The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç stating '' the studies have always been in acceleration not only in national but also international field since they have come to the administration'' said '' As Ordu University proceeds in education and research activities, it focuces on international collaborations and cooperations at maximum level and aims at being an institutional and pioneering foundation acting an effective role in solutions of multidimensional problems.''  The Rector added '' in this sense, as university administration, we provide  the whole support to all national and international projects and in the light of the researches, we take firm steps forward being a new generation university.

Furthermore, Ordu University will maintain to take a key role in conducting international and long-term projects and be active in social-focused studies. '' The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç ended his speech saying that '' I desire EU funded projects will creat great contributions to all societies across Europe.''

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