Our University Continues to Rise in the URAP

According to the results of University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) for 2017-2018 prepared by using the data published by the Higher Education Council and Web of Science / In Cites, our university moved up to 87th place among the 148 universities in Turkey, 72nd place among the 102 state universities, and 25th place among the 54 universities founded after 2000s in the ranking.

Within the Informatics Institute of the Middle East Technical University founded in 2009, the URAP Lab helps universities in order to compare their academic performance with other universities and recognize their open sides to improvement according to the criteria set by the universities. URAP uses the data belonging to the universities like the number of articles, the number of articles per faculty member, the number of citations, the total number of scientific documents, the total number of documents per faculty member, the number of doctoral students, the ratio of doctoral students, and the number of students per faculty member during the evaluation process as criterion. URAP, an important reference source for academic studies and showing in which level of science can be can produced, offer an important assessment opportunity in setting goals for our university.

Our university aims to accelerate the progress of its academic performance to higher levels both with the increase in the number of projects supported by the SRP (Scientific Research Projects) unit and the increase in the number of projects and research activities conducted with other institutions in recent years.

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