A Newly Developed Product From Ordu University to the Food Industry

A Newly Developed Product From Ordu University to the Food Industry

As a result of the studies carried out in the Department of Food Engineering at our University, the oil obtained from hazelnut has a very high antioxidative capacity compared to other edible oils, and studies have been started on private sector requests to bring hazelnut oil to the consumers in near future.

From the Faculty of Agriculture Department of Food Engineering, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sümeyye Şahin’s study  revealed that the oil obtained from hazelnut oil has a very high antioxidative capacity compared to other edible oils and is more resistant to thermal oxidation conditions. Şahin stated that she is inspired by the project that she had done on the durability of the cooking oils abroad and compared her with the new generation oils such as the nutrient oil, sunflower and canola and the high oleic sunflower oil enriched with oleic acid, the hazelnut oil, as well as more resistant to thermal oxidation conditions than other oils. Sahin added that it is not possible to explain this only with the richness of oleic acid resistant to oxidation, and added that oleic acid may be caused by other components in the structure, and that these components may also originate from the thin crust outside the inner hazelnut.

Hazelnut Membrane Oil will be presented to the consumers with the Cooperation of University and Industry Business Association

Şahin stated that they started a new study on hazelnut membrane oil industry in the direction of private sector request and said that the main goal of the joint research with the private sector is to contribute to the country's economy by producing high added products from hazelnut.

 Şahin stated that the antioxidant capacity of the hazelnut membrane oil which is planned to be brought to the consumers in the near future is higher than the edible oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil and canola oil. She also stated that the components they have isolated in the progressive stages are continuing on identification and isolation of bioactive components in the working membrane oil and that they aim to provide qualities that can be used as a natural additive ingredient in the cosmetics sector.

After giving some information about the increase of scientific studies in Ordu University in the body of hazelnut production, Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said, "Our country has an unquestionable advantage in the production of nuts all over the world and an important part of this production is provided from Ordu province. Our country, where the highest quality hazelnuts are grown in the world, earns an annual average of 2.5-3 billion dollars in exports of this product. Ordu University is continuing its field and laboratory studies related to this important agricultural product which is related to the whole country, especially the Black Sea Region. Our university is guiding all producers with many important academic works such as projects supported by TUBITAK and National Boron Research Institute (BORENM) to increase the yield of hazelnut within the scope of our university, and the application of the ideal fertilizer in hazelnut. Finally, in the Department of Food Engineering at our University about the nut, a study was carried out to obtain a healthy new generation of fat containing high levels of antioxidants that prevent heart disease, premature aging and cell death, with little evaluation of the inner hazelnut. Our university will continue this kind of guiding and open-minded academic work carried out in our laboratories to all the stakeholder stakeholders from the producer to the industrialist and exporter to the hazelnut and other products in our region. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and wish success to Assist. Prof. Dr. Sümeyye Şahin from the department of Food Engineering at the Faculty of Agriculture of our University’’.


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