2017-2018 Academic Year Staff Movement Applications Begin

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                                                              2017/2018 APPLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT

Academic and administrative personnel will be sent within the scope of 2017/2018 Academic year under Erasmus + Personnel Teaching and Learning Movement Program.
Our quota numbers:
Teaching Mobility: 5
Training Mobility: 5
Note: Relevant quotas are determined according to the current budget.
Important information
2017-2018 Academic and administrative personnel who wish to benefit from mobility during the academic year are required to submit the application documents containing the following documents to the Faculty / School / Institute Erasmus Coordinator through the Department Coordinators until the end of the working hours 01-15 March 2018.

Academic and administrative units to which the coordination offices of the application files are affiliated should be channeled to the International Relations Unit Erasmus Office by 20 March 2018.
Result explanation: After reaching all the information and documents Erasmus Coordinator, the list of nominees and substitute candidates selected for the program will be announced on our website by the Institutional Coordinator.
Documents and forms requested by Erasmus Coordinator:Application Form (Photo)
Score Chart (For Academic Staff)
Score Chart (for Administrative Staff)
Photocopy of identify card
Language Document (Academic Personnel must be at least 65 from the DD and balanced exams and 60 points for the Administrative Staff.)
- The staff that can apply for the lecture-giving activity of our institution are Prof. Dr. / Assoc. Dr. / Yrd. Assoc. Dr. As;
- The staff that can apply for the Training Mobility are Instructor / Expert / Lecturer / Ars. Education / Training Planner / Administrative Staff.
- It should be indicated in the application form what kind of mobility is desired to be used.
- Academic personnel who are entitled to take courses abroad and to be trained should give lessons for at least 8 hours,
- The academic or administrative staff to take advantage of the training is obliged to take at least 8 hours of lessons and certify the related activity and duration in the institution we have contracted abroad.
- In addition, it can benefit from grant support during mobility, or it can benefit from mobility as a "0" grant without receiving grant support.
Mobility may be achieved by signing an agreement with the academic staff of our UniCentral units, which are not in agreement, if they contact the department coordinator of the University in any EU country until the departure date.
 Note: It is recommended that the academic members who will go abroad to study abroad should follow the academic calendar of the universities they think they will not attend during the education period. Later submission applications from this date may be rejected by the institutions due to the fact that they are not students because they entered the summer holiday period. Please be aware of this situation.
Note: The time you can benefit from Personnel Mobility is valid until May 31, 2019.

Click here for the forms and related information:  http://uib.odu.edu.tr/index.php/haberler/61

Contact information:
Ordu University
International Relations Unit
Erasmus Office
Tel: +90(0 452) 234 50 10/6122 - 6164 - 6165

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