Ordu University Opens European Doors to Students

Ordu University, which received the Erasmus + Youth Mobility European Voluntary Service accreditation last year, accepted 5 grant applications from the European Union Center for Education and Youth Programs. With accepted projects, 140 students are expected to rise to 310 when the European doors are opened and if the projects that are pending approval are positive.

Ordu University continues to contribute to social and cultural areas as well as to its qualified students, adding new ones every day to the projects that will develop international relations. In this context, Ordu University which is accredited last year to Erasmus + European Voluntary Service, which is alleged to support students' participation in various forms of voluntary activities both inside and outside the European Union, makes a quick start and gives a grant to a total of 5 projects presented by the Center for Education and Youth Programs he was able to get support.

Within the scope of the three projects approved for the 2016 / R3 period of the program, 90 students participated in various organizations in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Poland and Malta for a month. Students who volunteered to participate in social activities in public and non-governmental institutions accredited by the EU, thereby acquiring foreign language practice by acquaintance with foreign cultures, as well as opportunities to establish internships in their field of study.

Ordu University will send 40 more students to Europe within the scope of 2 projects approved for the 2017 / R1 term of the program. Students who will be in Italy, Finland and Portugal for a month will thus have the opportunity to enrich their learning experiences with different experiences.

Vice Rector of the Representation of the Project Dr. Şevket Metin Kara gave examples from his own experiences in underpinning the students in the pre-departure training presentation, evaluating their foreign opportunities, seeing different cultures and civilizations will provide enormous benefits in developing career and different perspective.

Ordu University's grant projects for 2017 / R2 and 2017 / R3 are on the approval stage. A total of 310 students will have the opportunity to go to Europe if the approval process for the projects is completed in a positive way.

Prof. Rector on the subject. Dr. "This program has expanded over time, including school and adult education, vocational training, youth and sports," said Tarik Yarılgaç. "This program aims to increase people's chances of finding employment, new perspectives on sustainable development, new language learning or new motivation for volunteering. With such projects, students have the experience of working with a sense of belonging to a project, knowing different cultures, fostering students from different countries, and young people becoming a world citizen. As Ordu University, our aim is to always take place in international platforms and to have a say in every term. In this context, we will continue to integrate into the world and continue our efforts to create awareness among our students and academicians. "

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