Rector Akdoğan was the guest of the "Black Sea Economy with Murat Gürsoy" Program broadcasted on Altaş TV

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan answered many questions about the academic and physical development of Ordu University, university hospital, university-industry cooperation and distance education process as a guest of the "Black Sea Economy with Murat Gürsoy" program broadcast on Altaş TV.

Rector Akdoğan, who talked about the work carried out at Ordu University, said, “When we look at the developed countries of the world, we see that they come to the fore in many areas such as education, science, research and innovation. Since the day we took office, we have made it our mission to bring our University to the forefront in the regional, national and international arena, and we make every effort to this end. As Ordu University, we want all medical treatments of a sick citizen to be made in Ordu to reduce dependence on neighboring provinces. It is the common opinion of everyone that a more modern, equipped with advanced technologies and a sufficient number of physicians should be built in order to solve the health problems of the army people and to solve the hospital problem. I have previously stated that 208 decares of land belonging to our university is available as a second alternative if needed. In the past months, we examined the area to be allocated for the hospital within the scope of the studies carried out with the officials of the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Investment Services, and exchanged ideas about the suitability of the land and the current situation. In addition, we allocated an additional area of ??42 decares in line with the decision we made with the Board of Directors of our University in order to include a Morphology building project, which will include classrooms, laboratories and study rooms for faculty members and students of the Faculty of Medicine. The morphology building, which has a total closed area of ??22 thousand 300 square meters on the allocated land, is planned to be built within the scope of the hospital project. He spoke in the form.

Rector Akdoğan stated that the Disabled and Dental Tomography Units were opened in the Faculty of Dentistry and that the Family Health Center will soon be operational in the Cumhuriyet Campus, and said, Patients with jaw surgeries that require anesthesia and fear of dental treatment can also be treated in this clinic. In addition, we will activate the Family Health Center in the Cumhuriyet Campus in the near future. In the Family Health Center, which will serve the staff and students of our University in the first place, diagnosis, medication, dressing, analysis and cardiological evaluations can be made.

Rector Akdoğan, who gave information about the distance education process of Ordu University during the pandemic period, said, “As higher education institutions, we have made every effort and effort to minimize the effects of the pandemic process on our students' education life and we continue to do so. As Ordu University, we quickly make preparations for the necessary infrastructure, equipment and information systems in order to ensure that education processes are carried out as smoothly as possible without interruption and our students do not experience victimization, and we have completed the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester distance education process in a total of 47 thousand 718 sessions. We completed the live lessons and with the participation of 95.2 percent of our students without any problems. Looking at the statistics, it is clearly seen that the informatics infrastructure of our university is suitable for distance education. " said.

Rector Akdoğan stated that efforts are continuing to increase research and development opportunities at Ordu University, to gain competence in science and technology and to transform this competence into economic and social benefits within ithin the scope of externally supported research projects, projects to strengthen university-industry cooperation with TÜBİTAK, SAN-TEZ, DOKAP, EU Funds, KEİK and special agreements. However, it is an important reference source for academic studies and showing that they can produce science level at which the university URAP 83rd among 166 universities in Turkey, according to the 2020-2021 results, 70th among the 110 state universities, founded after 2000 and 95 universities in Our university, which is ranked 25th, continues to take its place to the top every semester. In addition, high quality scientific studies are carried out on kiwi and black nuts, especially hazelnuts, at Ordu University, which has taken the hazelnut, which has become the symbol of the region, on the agenda of the country, researching it in all stages from production to export, and discussing it in every aspect. In addition, studies on the cultivation of other agricultural products that are suitable for the ecology of the region and have higher economic value in terms of the region, the improvement and processing of diseases and pests are carried out at national and international levels. Every step forward by scientists will play a very important role in the development and strengthening of countries. " He spoke in the form.

Making statements about university-industry cooperation, Rector Akdoğan said, “As Ordu University, our goals are to move from local to national, from national to global in the next period; transforming theory into practice; It is to try to take our place among the new generation universities by offering services aimed at improving the society in cooperation with other institutions. In order to be a country that can produce its own technology, we must have leading technology and innovation centers. It is among our goals to be a concrete interface for an effective and sustainable university-industry cooperation, to continuously improve the investment climate in the region, to conduct clustering studies for new investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovative technologies, and to attract researchers and qualified workforce to the region by offering qualified business opportunities. Universities whose main task is research and education; When it is desired to make the information it generates, preserves and shares useful to the society, it is necessary to cooperate with the industry, which uses the information practically and turns it into a product. In this context, while continuing to work on many regional products, especially hazelnuts, which have become the symbol of the region, our University adopts as a principle to be more beneficial to the country's economy by providing more added value to the region and the country with new research areas and by working towards the development of technological products and these ".


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