City Hospital Work has Started on the Land Allocated by our University

Work started on 250 decares of land allocated by our university for the construction of a city hospital. Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan made examinations on the land, where work has been started to make it suitable for laying the foundation.

Work has begun on the construction of the hospital, which is planned to be built by the Ministry of Health on the land allocated by our university, of which 592 are single, with a total of 900 beds and a service building of 278 thousand 370 square meters, an additional service building of 16 thousand square meters and a closed area of ??300 thousand square meters. With the allocation of an additional area of ??42 acres within the scope of the studies, a morphology building with a closed area of ??22,300 square meters will be built next to the city hospital, where classrooms, laboratories and study rooms for Faculty of Medicine academic staff and students will be located.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Rector Akdoğan made a statement to Altaş TV about the city hospital and stated that the demand for healthcare services to neighboring provinces would decrease significantly with the construction of the city hospital. Rector Akdoğan said, “The construction of the city hospital is carried out by our Ministry of Health, and we, as Ordu University, allocated an additional area of ??208 decares at the beginning and then 42 decares. In our city hospital, both the doctors of the Ministry of Health and the doctors of our University will work together. In addition, a Morphology building with classrooms, laboratories and study rooms will be built next to the hospital for faculty members and students of the Faculty of Medicine. As Ordu University, we wanted to reduce the dependence on neighboring provinces by making all medical treatments of a sick citizen in Ordu, and I believe that this addiction will decrease significantly with the construction of a city hospital. I would like to thank our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Ministry of Health and everyone who contributed to bring our city hospital to our city.


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