Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan was the guest of live broadcast of Akit TV

Rector Prof. Dr. As the live broadcast guest of Akit TV, Ali Akdoğan answered many questions about the distance education process at Ordu University, the studies carried out and the preference period.

In his statement, Rector Akdoğan said, “Ordu University, with the studies it has done since its establishment in 2006, has taken itself to the top level by using the opportunities it has in the most effective way, with the awareness of how important a responsibility education is; has been an innovative, always acting in the light of science, contributing to the society, and a pioneering and exemplary institution in its environment. Despite its short history of 15 years, Ordu University continues its academic and physical development uninterruptedly, with competent academics and administrative staff; It continues its educational activities successfully with its 3 institutes, 12 faculties, 2 colleges and 10 vocational schools, with approximately 20 thousand students, 821 academic and 681 administrative staff.''

Rector Akdoğan, who gave information about the education process during the pandemic period, said, “As Ordu University, we make the education and training process during the pandemic period by making preparations for the necessary infrastructure, hardware and information systems in order to ensure that the education and training processes can be carried out without interruption as much as possible and our students will not experience victimization. We have carried out this without any problems through distance education and digital education opportunities. In this context, live lessons were held in 52 thousand 616 sessions in total during the distance education period of the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester. During the education period, in which the students participated at a rate of 95.3 percent on a semester basis, the total duration of watching live lessons was reflected in the statistics as 2 million 091 thousand 501. In addition, 400 gigabytes of resources were uploaded to the Evdekal Learning Management System by the instructors.” 

Rector Akdoğan stated that necessary studies are carried out not only for the academic development of Ordu University students, but also for the realization of social, cultural and sports activities, and he said, “Many social, cultural, scientific and sportive activities are carried out in our university. With such activities, we share a social and dynamic education and training approach with both our students and our staff, thus expanding the perspective limited to classrooms only. With this perspective, we will continue to carry out our activities with the aim of raising individuals who think universally. In addition, Ordu University, which draws attention with its construction quality at international standards, original architecture and landscaping, offers its students a privileged education-teaching and living environment. Student dormitories on campus, modern living and working environment with all kinds of comfort, central canteen, dining halls and cafeterias provide an indispensable opportunity for our students to relax and create a social environment.”

Rector Akdoğan said, “As Ordu University, in our country where the demand for higher education institutions is increasing every year, we host more students in every education period. In this period, our University has shown that it has increased the bar of success with each passing year, with the occupancy rate approaching 94 percent. Our University, which has increased its national and international recognition with its scientific studies, will continue to produce information with the participation of our new students, to maintain the university-city integrity, and to contribute to the development of our country by cooperating with all stakeholder institutions and organizations.''


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