Inauguration of Disabled and Dental Tomography Units in the Faculty of Dentistry

The Day Clinic and Disabled Unit, which has been put into service, will be able to treat patients with fear of dental treatment and jaw surgeries that require general anesthesia, primarily dental treatment of disabled individuals from Ordu and neighboring provinces. In addition, there are nearly 300 registered disabled patients waiting for treatment under general anesthesia.

In the Dental Tomography Unit, the imaging procedures of the head and neck region of the patients will be diagnosed in detail and the treatment planning of the patients can be made in line with this diagnosis.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Varol Çanakçı said, “Our Faculty, which is established on an area of ??15 thousand square meters, consists of 8 departments, 8 polyclinics, 6 laboratories, 4 preclinics, 2 local anesthesia departments, 1 library, 5 classrooms and seminar hall. We provide our service in this smart building, last year we received an orange flag award from the Higher Education Council for the disabled. Today, we will open the Disabled Unit and Dental Tomography Unit for the disabled individuals in our region in our Faculty".

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, “Our Faculty of Dentistry meets an important health need of our region with its numerous treatments and surgical procedures. Our faculty continues its health services uninterruptedly with the aim of creating value for the region where it is located and for those living in this region. Today, in the Disabled Unit and Day Clinic, we will open the operating room for our private individuals and patients who are afraid of treatment in cases that require general anesthesia for their oral and dental health. However, there are currently nearly 300 disabled patients awaiting treatment under general anesthesia in our faculty. In addition, with the Dental Tomography Unit we will open, detailed diagnosis and treatment can be made thanks to the imaging procedures of the head and neck region of our patients. I would like to thank all the academic and administrative staff, especially the administration of the Faculty of Dentistry, for their devoted work".

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