In cooperation with our University and Bingöl University, “III. International Sustainable Tourism Congress” was held

Organized jointly by our university and Bingöl University, the "III. International Sustainable Tourism Congress (ISTC3)” was held with 5 panels and 20 separate sessions.

At the opening panel held online, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Bingöl University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Çiftci and the Chairman of the ISTC3 Advisory Board Prof. Dr. Orhan Batman and many national and international participants were attended.

In his speech at the panel, Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan stated that he believes there is an order in the universe and that man is at the top of this order and said, "We are people who believe in the supreme creator, first of all, that there is a power that creates the universe out of nothing. Man should take advantage of the possibilities offered by the universe in the most ideal way. However, in this usage and benefiting process, we need to maintain our existence by making use of it, without destroying the universe, without destroying the universe, without destroying the ontological order, structure and texture of the universe, with the understanding of sustainable tourism. I would like to thank all the employees and participants who contributed to these ideas.” 

ISTC3 Advisory Board Term President Prof. Dr. Orhan Batman, noting that humanity is going through hard times due to COVID-19, said, “We all know that humanity has faults, especially in this epidemic. However, behind this and all similar epidemics, climate crises and environmental disasters lies the rude attitude of humanity. Yes, humanity now has to understand this concept of sustainability. Otherwise, those who do not follow the advice will be brought to the right path by learning.''

Bingöl University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Çiftci stated that most of the studies and poems in the field of literature consist of descriptions; He said that these depictions provide recognition of nature, environment and historical artifacts and that travel and tourism are needed in order to lead a life in peace with nature, the environment, the country and other people.

Making the closing speech of the congress that lasted for two days, ISTC3 Executive Board Chairman Assoc. Dr. Üzeyir Kement stated that the main purpose of the congress is to research, understand and develop sustainability in tourism and the theme of sustainability, which is the common goal of the whole world. stated that it was discussed in detail.

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