Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç's 14 March Medical Day Celebration Message

Social welfare and happiness are the sole basis of successful progress in science, culture and art. The main point in which these two elements become public is undoubtedly the existence of a healthy society. The progression of societies to an euphoric future depends on the achievements and awareness of the public health within the framework of public health. Within the borders of Turkish and Islamic civilization, which has a rich and deeply rooted history of medicine, it has achieved significant successes in our country. The hospitals that ere built in Selçuklu State era and during  Ottoman State period were developed by technological modernization in Republic period with medical technology. Also the treatment methods have been followed closely by Turkey, which is a leader in the field of health geography.

With this heritage we Turkey as a country became a health center in health sciences in Turkey, the Middle East and in Europe. Therefore, we believe that the pride of having physicians who write their name in the history of world medicine with their surgical operations, treatments, investigations and success-filled activities in research studies, and their determination to continue to train new physicians and doctors acting with conscience and compassion axis as one of our most important responsibilities are very important for us. I would like to celebrate the March 14 Medical Day Celebration of all our health care workers, especially the physicians who are at the side of each individual, making people's lives worthwhile by enhancing the quality of life of humanity by increasing the quality of life of these people withg good feelings and thoughts.

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