Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç’s Message for “ 3 December, the International Day of People with Disability”

It is important to live within a culture of respect and equality on a loving ground without placing a heart and thought barrier on our lives together with our disabled citizens. Therefore, the establishment of a healthy society that strengthens the social belonging, physical, psychological and social aspects of the development of quality of life of our private people by removing all kinds of obstacles in front of them should be the main responsibility.
In the light of this responsibility, it is very important to empathize with all the problems faced by our disabled individuals, to act as solution oriented as a result of this empathy and to build an unhindered society model where freedom is made available to all.
Being aware of the fact that the state understanding and the obstacles that continue to carry out the vital works that integrate our disabled individuals into the social structure do not interfere with the hearts and minds, as Ordu University, organizing teaching programs to facilitate the academic, physical and social lives of the disabled students with the concept of  barrier-free university ,  we are working hard to prepare special course materials and to create suitable training, research and sheltering environments.
I would like to congratulate the “ 3 December, the International Day of People with Disability” of all our citizens with disabilities or not - with the aim of identifying and solving the problems of our citizens with disabilities, raising the public awareness and responsibility along with the quality of life and increasing the joy of life.


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