The Flute Community Concert at ODU

Flute Community Concert has been performed by the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. The Vice-Rector Prof Dr Tevfik Noyan, The Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Prof Dr Sabri Yener, Academic and Administrative staff and the students took part in the concert.

In the programme directed by Assistant Professor Dr Bahar Sarıboğa, one of the lecturers at the faculty of Music & performing Arts, the works from Mozart, Rossini, Joblin were played. The folk music from Peru, Bolivya, Irland, Azerbeijan and Giresun province were also performed. The Departments of Music & Theatre gave their contribution to the concert.

At the end of the concert the Vice-Rector Prof Dr Tevfik Noyan delivered a bouquet of flowers to Assistant Prof Dr Bahar Arıboğa. 





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