Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kıran Came Together with Our University Students

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kıran met the students at the conference of  "Turkey's Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Foreign Policy" which was organized by the Diplomatic Club. 

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran, Ordu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Governor of Unye Ümit Hüseyin Güney, Governor of Salıpazarı Ali Osman Bulat, Chief Prosecutor of Ünye Soner Aygün, Deputy Mayor Orhan Gürel. Dean of Ünye  Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Gürol Özcüre, District Police Director Ahmet Aksu, Gendarmerie Commander Esat Can Öztürk, Ünye Chamber of Commerce and Industry President İrfan Akar,  representatives of public institutions and organizations, academic and administrative staff, students and guests attended the program held at Ünye Economic and Administrative Sciences Conference Hall.

Academic advisor of the Diplomacy Club, Faculty Member Figen Taşkın Özgülşen gave an opening speech about the activities of the club then the conference of "Turkey's  Humanitarian and Entrepreneurial Foreign Policy" started.

Deputy Minister pointed out that Turkey went through a very critical period and went on, “ To condemn a terrorist attack that killed 50 Muslims and raise the awareness of the Islamic Society before the world, increase the Islamic society as a world of Islam, perform an action, in concrete terms to say stop to this trend again on behalf of Turkey, the President took a very important initiative again and gathered the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand and the Minister in charge of Ethnic Groups shared their grief with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the meeting. 

Kıran, stating that the size of the terror attack is closely related to Turkey, added, ” Even in New Zealand, the most secure and peaceful city in the world, which is about 17 thousand kilometers away from our country, people were worshiped by terrorists.
The message of terrorists was; Although we are the most peaceful and safe country in the world, we go there and make people fearful. But the terrorist also had a message on the issues that concern Turkey. Games played on the Turks and Muslims are quite familiar with the details of the event.The symbols on the weapons used by the canine must be read well. From here, I also appeal to young friends, let them investigate the symbols and what they mean.

When it is investigated, they will reach the people who have been against the Turks and Muslims since the Ottomans. The west was silent again against the one who said that the Turks should live in the East and not to live in the West. Turkey is in the target, the target was Hagia Sophia, Ottoman,  and Seljukian heritage. Games played on Turkey will never end.what was done in the past,  on July 15th, is being tried to be done today on the other side of the world have always done in theframework of Turkey againt Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Muslims and the objectives of the Republic of Turkey, our values and principles. No matter what the cost, no matter what we pay, we will not compromise our values. We will continue to progress rapidly to our journey of civilization with the power we receive from our history, our culture, our geography, our civilization.

Kıran has stated that Turkey is in a difficult geography, and this region is brought with responsibilities and missions, “  There are also a number of problem areas that may disrupt the steps we take towards our future, our goals and our roadmap. Today, almost all of our neighbors have a spiral of instability and we are now home to our 3.6 million Syrian brothers, the most direct impact of civil war in Syria. In terms of security, besides the issue of a refugee, our country even has a significant impact on our region in every sense.

After the conference, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran answered the questions of the club. The plaque of the club was given to him by the faculty member Dr. Figen Taşkın Özgülşen, and a certificate of appreciation was presented by Rector Prof. Dr.Tarık Yarılgaç.

Rector Prof. Dr.Tarık Yarılgaç mentioned, “The foreign policy strategy today is respected on a worldwide scale as well as Anatolian Seljuk Empire's commercial civilization bridge, the Ottoman Empire’s tolerance policy and the Republic of Turkey’s policy “Peace at Home, Peace in the World“ by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Our country, has had the the element of respect, ethnic, religious and culture as its  principle inspiring from Sheikh Edebali’s words “let the humanity live then state will also do.”. Turkey gives voice to the  communities struggling with war, hunger and thirst under the principle of  Our President's “We are the sound of silent masses” saying. Turkey is determined to place the focus on the people while deciding on its strategic steps.
Our nation had already proved to all nations in Çanakkale in 1915 that the war was also based on humanitarian principles beyond gun and fire. Turkey is once again a role model for all mankind with her stance as we witness a massacre in New Zealand on the eve of this momentous date. Turkey's; important roles in security, economics, military, technology and science and dynamic perspectives are the ones that are not passive but active, not timid brave, not object-oriented but human-oriented. I am grateful to our Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran for clarifying us with his speech in the awareness of Turkey’s confident steps towards 2023 with an entrepreneurial foreign policy. I would like to congratulate Faculty Member Dr. Figen Taşkın, our club member students and the management of our Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.”


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