Our University will Continue to Contribute to Scientific Studies with its New Library

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç was in the Emin Çetinceviz Center Library, which will soon be opened in the Cumhuriyet Campus.
The protocol between Ordu University and the Company of Onur Taahhut Taşımacılık Tic. Ltd. Sti. by Emin Çetinceviz was signed in 2015 for the Central Library, which was started to be constructed between the companies' own owners Onur Çetinceviz and İhsan Çetinceviz. The building of library has been completed and the landscaping works have been completed, so the library will be opened soon. There are 182 square meters of current period publications hall, 350 square meters digital library hall, 120 square meters writing works department, book hall about 765 square meters and open cafeteria hall of 250 square meters in the library which has a covered area of approximately 5 thousand square meters.
There are administrative units of the Library and Documentation Department and the units where the individual-group study halls and offices are located, where the academicians and students of our university can access the information quickly and the students have more interaction with each other. Ordu University academic staff and students can access the library's electronic information resources remotely and search the literature.
In the library, there is a wireless network system that allows users to connect internally with their own computers, as well as a digital library room with 56 computers open for use. Emin Çetinceviz Central Library will be serviced with unit librarians, with a total of 57 thousand 043 printed works, approximately 200 thousand electronic books, 32 thousand 445 electronic periodicals and 12 databases, which are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System.
Rector Prof. Dr. Tarik Yarılgaç said "The library of our university provides convenience to the students who have undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in terms of the possibilities offered by the researchers who carry out scientific studies. As Ordu University administration, we continue to work towards increasing this wealth without slowing down. We do not pursue our efforts to enlarge the library in one way, as it is in every study about the development of our university; On the one hand, we enrich our library, on the other side we give our university a new library building where every detail is considered. Unlike traditional libraries, the central library is extremely modern and equipped with all kinds of technological possibilities, as well as technical features and visuality, designed for academicians and students to use the library more frequently. Our library, where all kinds of architectural details are considered, will best reflect the accumulation and intellectual structure of our university. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Çetinceviz family for their contribution to our university by undertaking the construction of this building which we plan to open in the near future. Our institution, which will continue its existence for hundreds of years, will live in this distinguished unit with the name of Çetinceviz family. "

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