The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç came together with the Rectors of Eastern Black Sea Region

Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, the Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Hüseyin Karaman, the Rector of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, Prof Dr Fahrettin Tilki, the Rector of Artvin Çoruh University, Prof Dr Kenan İnan, the Rector of Avrasya University and Prof Dr İbrahim Zeybek, the Rector of Gümüşhane University have taken part in the meeting hosted by Prof Dr Cevdet Coşku, the Rector of Giresun University.

The Rectors talked about the general issues and solutions the regional universities face. The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç made a speech at the end of the meeting. Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç said ‘’ We, the Rectors of The Black Sea Region, came together aiming at talking about the problems and looking for the solutions related with the universities in understanding of consultation at Giresun University.

We also handled the problems of academic and administrative staff being engaged in a varied departments of the universities. We, all the participants, shared and exchanged the ideas and agreed on some future projects. We focused on continuing a variety of studies and works that will contribute the developments of the regional universities in the framework of social and scientific areas.’’ 

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