Mevlana Institutional Coordinatorship Begins to Accept Applications for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Mevlana Exchange Program Applications: Mevlana Institutional Coordinatorship Begins to Accept Applications for 2018-2019 Academic Year


Application Requirements: 

1. Students will be evaluated according to general mevlana point consisting of 50% Grade Point Average and 50% Foreign Language Score.

2. The Mevlana Exchange Program covers countries outside the European Union and countries outside the TRNC.

3. The student must be a student enrolled in higher education programs that are provided with formal education.

4. Students who study in secondary education may benefit from the program.

5. ÖYP Research Assistants can benefit from the program as a student.

6. Research Assistants can benefit from the program as a student.

7. Students who have benefited from the Mevlana Learning  activity previously can benefit from the program without scholarship.

8. Students who have benefited from the Erasmus Learning activity previously can benefit from the program with scholarship.

9. Students who are students of Farabi in our university can only apply from their institutions.

10. Associate and undergraduate students must be at least two-and-a-half (2.5 / 4.00) out of four in the overall academic grade average.

11. Master and Ph.D. students must be at least three out of four (3.00 / 4.00) out of the overall average academic grade point average.


Important Steps for Application:

For our students who want to apply; 

After completing the "Candidate Student Application Form" between February 08, 2018 and February 23, 2018, the Coordinator must deliver the signed document along with the following documents.

Your unit or department is required to obtain transcripts from the Registrar's Office or from the relevant Institute Directorate (for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D.

The applicant students will be asked to bring the document showing the foreign language level to Mevlana Institutional Coordinator. Students who do not have a language score will be given a language test. The announcement of the language examination will be announced later. The students are obliged to follow the announcements.

Missing documents or unsigned applications will be considered invalid. There will be no change in the application dates since the YÖK calendar is applied. The students are obliged to follow the announcements themselves.

Students must indicate the period that they want to choose on the application form.

Documents required for application must be submitted to Mevlana Institutional Coordinator in person between February 08 and February 23, 2018.


Required Documents for Application:

1. Signed copy of the Candidate Student Application form (1 piece)

2. Approved Transcript (1 Piece)

3. Foreign Language Certificate if any

4. Copy of ID

5. Photo (1 piece)


Important Information and Dates:

The application announcement and conditions will be notified by e-mail and posters at the beginning of the week.

The students taking place in the list to be sent to YÖK by the Coordinator of Mevlana are in the status of "Candidate Student".

  • Acceptance of Applications: 08-23/02/2018
  • Evaluation of Applications: 26/02/2018
  • Application to YÖK via YÖKSIS and Transmission of Budget Request: 16/03/2018

 For Academic Personnel:

Teaching Staff who want to come to our university within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program during the 2018-2019 Academic Year are required to fill in the Academic Staff Information Form until the end of the working day on 28 February 2018 at the latest. In addition to this form, the CV of the Instructor should be sent to the web address of the University Coordinator of Mevlana Exchange Program (


According to the decision of the Council of Higher Education's Board of Directors dated 25.02.2015 and No. 2015.8, it has been decided that the movement of the teaching staff to be made to foreign higher education institutions should be stopped until the decision of a second Executive Board from 2015-2016 academic year.

However, project-based change is allowed in the Decree of the Council of Higher Education dated 08.02.2017.

"Decision on Stopping the Movement of Teaching Staff to Higher Education Institutions Abroad until Decision of a Second Executive Board to be Valid from Academic Year 2015-2016" (In case of any change, announcement will be made in the homepage of our university)



The scholarship will be paid to the students who will come to our university from abroad institutions.

The amount of scholarships to be paid to students varies depending on the economic life standards of the country in which the students go for education.


For detailed information and questions that may be of interest to you;


Phone Number: 0 452 234 50 10 / 6165 - 6164

For your information,

Ordu University Farabi Institutional Coordinatorship

Address: Ordu University, The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Third Floor, International Relations Unit / Mevlana Institutional Coordinatorship

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