Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç’s Message on “15 July Democracy and National Unity Day”

A group of traitor who are the members of FETÖ/PYD Terrorist Organization spread to Turkish Armed Forces on 15th of July, 2016 aimed to carry out military coup-like action plan targeting the future of The Republic of Turkey and its nation. In that dark night, many important points, especially our assembly, were bombed with aircraft and helicopters and they attempted to occupy various public service buildings. Tanks were carried over our saintly citizens walking in the squares in order to oppose this treacherous attempt and they opened fire with heavy weapons. The treachery attempt planned by the treacherous who are hidden behind the uniform of our Turkish Armed Forces with a glorious and honorable title is suppressed in the honorable struggle of our security forces that are systematically directed and administered and of course by the total resistance of the sainted Turkish nation, the gang of betrayal, driven by darkness, has not reached its goal.

This nefarious attempt aimed at the national will was completely defeated by supreme Turkish nation who set their hearts on the country, nation, government and flag. All women and men, young or old, shielded their bodies against tanks, bombs and bullets and they gave democracy lesson to the world with their honorable attitude. Our holy nationality will never forgive those who make this treacherous attempt, and will continue to exercise even more firmly in its majesty through loyalty, sincerity and courage, which are the masters of their nature.

This organization, which has been condemned by the nation and has been turned into treason. It was dimensions of betrayal. All details show us that in fact these organizations have waited for years in order to do bad things for the country. However, the folk did not give permission to them and they got together and hindered them. For this reason, the necessity of using our possibilities and power for the sake of national and spiritual values and developing intelligent generations has become more important today. In this context, our duty and responsibility as Ordu University is to take the guidance consciously and grow up the generations consciously for our homeland in order to protect our land, the young people will continue to lead the mission.

Our nationality will resist the constitution of this kind of thing and they will protect the democracy. Our people always save our country as they did in the night of July 15 with the same faith and homeland love and they will never give permission such treacherous initiatives. The indivisible integrity of the Republic of Turkey, our nation's unity are always saved.

With this feeling and thought, on the second anniversary of the 15th of July Democracy and National Union Day, our democracy commemorates and gratifies all our saint martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country, our independence, national unity and integrity. I wish our union and dignity to be alive perpetually.

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