New Discoveries from Ordu University about Biodiversity

Prof. Dr. Hasan Sevgili from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Faculty of Arts and Sciences carried out a work and he defined new grasshopper species for the scientific world. A new name was given to this species discovered (Poecilimon azizsancar). It has been dedicated to Aziz Sancar who is a Nobel Prize winner. 

Our University's Scientific Research Projects have supported the Unit and there have been internationally published studies on this topic recently. Our country has lots of populations belonging to the genus of Poecilimo with species wich are endemic. There is around 80 percent of this species in the geography including Turkey, Lebanon and Macedonia, including the revision of the taxonomic and bioacoustics. Within the scope of this research, a new name (Poecilimon azizsancar) discovered in the area of Erzurum and Artvin was dedicated to Aziz Sancar who was awarded to Nobel Prize in 2015.

Our university's rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said, "Ordu University puts effective duties and responsibilities at every stage of research and development processes that will contribute to the informed consciousness of universal science and technology, and accelerates the educational activities in the region by offering the information it produces through scientific researches. In this context, as a result of the study carried out within the Faculty of Science and Letters of the University, we see the achievement of a remarkable scientific data on the national and international scene as a welcome development on behalf of our country. Scientific studies carried out in our institution related to our region, which has a potential to be ignored in terms of plant and animal diversity, is becoming more diverse and increasing day by day. Our university, which is in the center position in the region with the qualified field researches that it has conducted and the information it produces, is the Faculty of Science and Literature, Faculty of Biology. I congratulate Prof. Dr.Hasan Sevgili for his work that he has done, and I hope that he will make a contribution to the informatics in his new work. "


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