Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdogan's ''January 10 of Working Journalists' Day ” Message

The press is an integral part of the democratic culture, which has a great power in ensuring the right of the people to receive information by informing impartially, accurately and quickly, in the development of freedoms and public opinion, and in the control of public services on behalf of the society. The press employees, which act as a bridge between the state and the public at the point of obtaining information, are also instrumental in enabling everyone to express their thoughts easily and comfortably and to operate with all the rules and institutions of a modern society.

It is very important for the press to approach every issue, especially national issues, in a constructive and prudent manner in terms of the soundness of our nation consciousness and the strengthening of our democracy. We fully believe that our journalists will continue to play a positive role in contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of our province and our country with this responsibility.

With these thoughts, I congratulate our valued members of the press who work in a sense of responsibility without compromising the principles of professional ethics of the press by using the pen in favor of the right and the interests of the society, and congratulate the January 10 of Working Journalists' Day and wish them success in their work.

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