The last step in the construction of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Ordu

The Faculty of Dentistry offering service in the field of oral and dental health will have one of the most significant buildings in the region. The faculty building equipped with the latest technology was designed to locate on the 15 thousand square meter and six seperated blocks.

For the building which aims at increasing its capacity by offering the highest service to the individuals, 1 million 900 thousand TL, totally regarding 45 different units, have been spent. The units facilitating the confort and safety of the patients as well as providing the dentists to carry out operational and innovative treatments will enable the faculty to combine the theory and practice with 296 students and the rate of one hundred percent fullness.

Being at the last step of construction, the faculty building will have 10 labs, 10 x-ray rooms, 8 policlinics, 2 local surgery an done operation room for general operations, one seminar hall of 80 people and 5 lecture rooms each with the capacity of 80 students, one library an done computer lab.

In addition, the central compressor and dental vacuum systems which provide the highest quality service in the respect of hygienic and security are particularly needed in the health centres will be in service as well.

1 million treatment processes in six years

The Dental Faculty of the University of Ordu, basically targeting to be the Pioneer and innovative institution in oral and dental health in the Black Sea Region, continues to be a health base with the works it does.

Having started the service with aim of offering the best service in mouth and dental matters in 2012, the faculty of dentistry offered the policlinic services to 77 thousand and 794 patients last year and has provided 321 thousand and 867 patients and 1 million treatment services since it was established.

The faculty , on the way to develop on account of physical and technological facilities is continuing its level in offering the oral and dental service in Ordu province and nearby towns. The faculty of Dentistry carrying out the successful treatments and operations regarding with the branches such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, mouth and dental and jaw radiology , treatment of oral diseases, endotenty, pedotenty, periontology and protetic oral treatment and protection and improvement of public health offeredtotally 73 thousand and 794 citizens in Ordu and nearby towns in the previous year, 2017.  The total number of the operations performed at the faculty has reached 3 thousand and 959.

At the visit to the faculty of Dentistry, the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç said ‘’ The university of Ordu has a target of offering the best health service in the region in the framework of the reforms in health field following the health politics of the country’’.  The Rector added ‘’ Starting the service of medical and dental faculties of Ordu University, dispatching of patients to the neighbouring towns such as Samsun and Trabzon has decreased in number and the advacement has been a contribution to reduce both the workforce and economic loss of the people living in the region.

While exceeding the number of one million treatment processes in oral and dental services, a variety of operations performed outside the region have been carried out by the dental academic staff.

At the Training and Research Hospital 363 thousand patients were examined last year and nearly 4 thousand operations were carried out in the Women and Birth Hospital as well. 7 thousand patients were also examined in the emergency service and more than 10 thousand patients were given service in the units ‘’.

The Rector also added that the number of medical examinations done last year reached 4 million.

The Rector finished his speech saying in the light of the data above  despite a short time period, our academic staff gained a fascinating success in the field of dentistry and the University of Ordu has had a role in offering efficient and productive health services.

The University of Ordu will be able to offer the best quality service to the people in Ordu and in the region and also to the foreign visitors in the field of oral and dental health with the new faculty building. 

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