Ordu University Faculty of Dentistry Continues to Provide Service as the Health Base of the Region

Our basic strategy is to continue to serve as a medical base in the region with the studies it has undertaken, our University's Dentistry Faculty, which has a leading role in oral and dental health, especially in the province of Ordu.

73 Thousand 794 Citizens Served in 2017

ODÜ Dentistry Faculty has conducted examinations, treatments and surgeries in the areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial radiology, dental treatment, endodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontology and prosthetic dentistry branches and public health protection and improvement. In ODÜ's Faculty of Dentistry, in 2017, which we left behind, we provided a total of 73 thousand 794 citizens from Ordu and the surrounding provinces. A total of 3 thousand 959 patients were operated on at the Faculty of Dentistry where 30 thousand 963 people were examined.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides a total of 91 courses in the Department of Dentistry which serves with 11 academic staff in the department of oral medicine, 5 in oral and maxillofacial radiology, 10 in endodontic treatment, 12 in orthodontic treatment, 15 in orthodontic treatment, 13 in periodontics treatment, teaching staff continues to work. Dental practitioners with the experience of having the opportunity to observe on many patients and in the framework of professional relations by working together with the instructors are brought up with the studies applied in the education and health laboratories at the Faculties of Dentistry with the attendance of 296 students.

New Building Will Increase Service Capacity

In Cumhuriyet Campus, the Faculty of Dentistry faculty building, which has been under the construction opposite to the Faculty of Medicine, will have 10 laboratories, 10 x-ray rooms, 8 polyclinics, 2 local operating theatres, 1 general operating theatre, 1 seminar room for 80 persons and 5 80 people student amphitheatres, 1 library and 1 computer lab.

The ground floor of the new faculty building, which is designed as 6 blocks on 15 thousand square meters indoor area and aims to increase its capacity by providing services to citizen's health in a wider frame, will have a special sterilization section by carrying out antibacterial paint and pvc coating. This floor will also have 2 laboratories, 8 x-ray rooms, 2 outpatient clinics, 1 cafeteria, 16 teaching staff rooms, 1 tomography and imaging center. On the first floor of the building, there will be 7 laboratories, 2 policlinics, 1 local operating room, 16 teaching staff and 7 administrative staff rooms with antibacterial paint and pvc application.

Acoustic Gypsum Suspended Ceiling for Lead and Acoustic for Radiation Absorption

The walls of the second-floor x-ray fields where the lecture room of 1 librarian, 2 policlinics, 2 x-ray rooms, 1 seminar room of 80 people, 5 student amphitheatres of 80 persons, dean section of 6 rooms capacity and 16 teaching staff rooms are covered with lead to absorb radiation Acoustic gypsum suspended ceiling will be applied to provide acoustics in the seminar hall. There will be 2 patient bedrooms, 2 policlinics, 1 local one general operating theatre, 1 sterile department will be equipped with the latest technological facilities and 16 floors of teaching staff and 1 cafeteria.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said that: “As Ordu University, we continue our scientific studies in order to contribute to the quality of life of the society we are in. In the direction of our mission, we are carrying out valuable studies in the fields of health, sports, agriculture and art by signing projects for the development of our country. In this context, our Faculty of Dentistry continues its health services with the aim of creating value for the region and the people living in this region. In the light of the most advanced methods and techniques, our new service building will also be able to meet the oral and dental health needs of the people of the region and to raise responsible dentists, specialists and academicians who are respectful to patient rights and also to protect the oral and dental health of the community. We will continue to execute at the level. I would like to thank the academic and administrative staff of our faculty for their services to the people of the region and I wish that our new service building is already good for the citizens of Ordu and the region”.

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