ODU is proud of graduate students over 20 thousand

Continuing its physical and academic development since its foundation, Ordu University has been continuing contributing to the development of the country with the number of over 20 thousand graduate students in the last 10 years.

In 2006, Ordu University started to educate with 4 thousand students. In the last 10 years, 20,420 students have graduated from ODU in associate and undergraduate level in total. In 2017-2018 education period, more than 3 thousand students graduated from faculties, vocational schools and vocational high schools. In 2018-2019 education period 4 thousand 390 new students will be hosted.

Coordinatorship of Graduates of Ordu University was established in order to strengthen communication between graduates in our university. It aims to increase the employment opportunities of existing students by ensuring that the important achievements of successful graduates convey the secrets of success, work experience to existing students. Graduates of business experience gained in the world of suggestions that might improve the educational quality in the light of ensuring achievement of the corporate executives and faculty members, national and international platform objectives, such as contributing to the provision of university and Turkey's technological, social, cultural development and enhancement of social awareness.

Every student graduating from Ordu University can register at the Graduate Information System by entering the Graduate Coordinator page at www.odu.edu.tr.

ODU started the education and training activities with 4 thousand students 12 years ago.In the period of 2017-2018 more than 23 student training services were completed. Ordu University's Rector Professor. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç says that "Despite this short history, Ordu University accelerates the development of each area in the region by realizing the rapid growth process in all units. In our university, we have increased the number of undergraduate students by 2.9, by 5.4, by the graduate by 104.1 times. Our university, guiding the region from agricultural to sanatorium, from health to spore, with qualified scientific studies made in every area, shows a great success compared to the new generation universities by providing a 4.1 times increase in the total number of programs in the past. Our students who graduated successfully from these departments and programs will contribute to the development of our country, to the advancement of science, and to the continuous maintenance of research and development activities. We, as Ordu University, are preparing our students to the life and we aim to improve their young minds.The most important source of competition is 'knowledge'. In today's world where rapid development and change process has been experienced worldwide, our corporate goal is to increase the number and diversity of our scientific studies by giving a struggle to create a society equipped with information-based systems and to continue contributing to the development of the country by raising the quality of our education and training activities every period. As a result of the studies we have carried out for this purpose, it is expected that in 2017-2018 academic year, we will have an important role in working life from faculties, vocational schools and vocational schools and will graduate more than 3 thousand of our students with intellectual knowledge and will stimulate social development and 4 thousand 390 new students in the coming academic year we are living the happiness of being a proprietor. "

Rector Yarılgaç stated that the graduate students who are related to the graduate information system established within the university and the graduates are the same as the higher education institutions. He said that "The success of graduates increases with the quality of education of the universities and the quality profile of the institutions increases with the success of graduates. For this purpose, a 'Graduate Information System' was established in order to be able to communicate more effectively with all our graduates from our university and to establish a link between our graduates. Thanks to this system, it is beneficial for them to be able to follow each other in order to learn where our graduates are employed and they can also log into the system in order to recommend our graduates when employers require the necessary qualifications. In this context, the collection of personal and professional knowledge of students who graduated from our university can keep in touch with each other about their career. "

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