The Cooperation between University and Industry to gain acceleration with technology

The University of Ordu is proceeding to produce the projects aiming at developing the cooperation between university and industry through The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Industrial Thesis , The Development Agency of Eastern Black Sea and EU funds in the scope the projects outside the university in addition to the ones carried out by the Department of Scientific Research projects of the University of Ordu.

Within this context the new TECHNOCITY to be established in the area between Ordu and Giresun provinces is to be contributed to the development of firms based on researh, arising of new entrepreneurs and also improvement of the present companies.

The University of Ordu owning entrepreneurail, innovative and research-focused structure and creating original ideas will contribute to developing of the region, production of technological materials and arising of new entrepreneurs by accelerating the research and development studies in the framework of the technology development region to be established in ongoing process.

At the meeting held in previous days by the cooperation between the University of Ordu and Giresun University it was stressed that the cooperation between universities and industrial organization would be more effective within yyhe new structure and more productive service would be offered to labour markets in both cities.

In addition, as well as the creation of new firms that can compete with the national and international companies, the employment of qualified employees would also increase , which as a result, woud contribute both regional and national economy. In this context, the University of Ordu which has provided afas-growing advancement in both physical and scientific grounds is targeting to make  bigger contributions on the transformation of the region onto an information technology base in the process of the cooperation between universities and industrial organizations.

While keeping on the studeies related with a regional grown and being a brand , the hazelnut, the University of Ordu is also conducting the researches on new technological products that will provide much more value to the country economy.

Correspondingly, 4 EU, 23 TÜBİTAK, 1 SAN-TEZ based projects have been conducted over 6 years as well as several projects between univers ity and industry in the authourity of the University of Ordu.

The Rector, the University of Ordu, Prof Dr Tarık Yarıgaç talked about the occasion. The Rector said '' sharing of knowledge, improvement of present data on the way to scientific studies are of great importance for the development of the countries and having a word in international arenas. The other  way of beeing a powerful state is accelerate reserach & development and to be on the process of sharing the knowledge with the other partners.

The Rector also added '' for this purpose the universities, whose primary task is to do research and training, should conduct cooperation and share it with the industry which uses the data and transforms into an output to be useful to the society which it exists in. The university leaves the obtained knowledge to the industry in turn the results come back to universities. While the universities provide a variety of facilities and gains such as supporting of the parties, the access to the research funds, practical applications of the student-based knowledge, the industrial organizations will be able to have the access to the technological and the high-equipped infomation and technical labour and training of industrial employees.''

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç ended his talk saying ' We sincerely believe that the TECHNOCITY to be established with the aim of creating an efficient and sustainable university -industrial cooperation, being a tangible interface and improving an investment atmosphere  for the innovators and entrepreneurs, will definitely provide a great contribution both regional and international development as well as the two universities''.

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