ODU Added New Bilateral Agreements to its International Cooperation

Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç signed an agreement with Panevezys University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania and Latvian University as a result of the negotiations.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan and International Relations Unit Lecturer Manolya Akyüz accompanied our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç in his visits to Lithuania and Latvia in order to improve inter-university relations and increase student and staff mobility within Erasmus+.

New Agreements have been added to agreements between Panevezys University in Lithuania and our University

Ordu University has an agreement consisting of the Departments of Dentistry, Nursing, Pre-School Education and Primary Education and Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç and Rector of Panevezys University Gediminas Sargunas have added new agreements adding the departments of Physiotherapy, Tourism, Music, Logistics, Electricity and Automation, Advertising, International Relations, Beauty and Care, Computer, Business.

After the agreement, Rector Yarılgaç and his accompanying team made technical examinations at the university and visited the university's technical laboratories, course-processing classes, practice workshops, rehabilitation and physiotherapy salon. Rector Yarılgaç also interviewed Turkish Erasmus students and listened to their experiences in the city and university.

As part of the visit, a meeting was held with Kaunas University in Lithuania, a well-established university founded in 1922. The presentation of our university was followed paving the way for new Erasmus agreements for staff and student mobility.

An Agreement was signed with an Old University of Latvia

An agreement was signed between the University of Latvia and our university to develop universities' scientific, cultural and social activities.

Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç and Rector of Latvian University Prof. Dr. Indrikis Muiznieks signed an agreement consisting of following departments: Biology, Business, Business and Economics, History and Philosophy, Medicine, Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Art, Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry and Departments.

After the completion of the agreement, the technical examinations have been carried out in the management building of the university, the multipurpose hall, conference room, classrooms, the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacology Department and the Chemistry Faculty.

Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated about the agreements that: “Our university, acting with the mission of educating qualified people to national and international science community, we have added innovations to our cooperation with well-known and respected institutions on an international scale. Ordu University continues to earn accreditations, to establish strategic partnerships and to work with distinguished institutions with significant backgrounds in their countries. Our university, which is based on universal principles in scientific studies and closely follows the scientific developments in the world in this context, is at the same time carrying international relations one step further without ignoring the importance of intercultural communication and dialogue. By the help of the agreements between our institutions, we will be able to carry out new projects, which will provide new experiences, with Panevezys University and the University of Latvia and I wish that the agreements realized on this occasion will be beneficial for our universities.”

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