Rector Akdoğan Congratulated ODU Muaythai Athletes

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan congratulated the students achieved many degrees in the 12th Inter-university Muaythai Championship by representing our University.

12th Turkey University Sports conducted by the Federation of Inter-university students of our university in Muaythai Championships, Berna Tut and Gamzenur Kaya Turkey were the 1st of Turkey, Eyüpcan Yerlikaya was 2nd of Turkey, Tugba Akkaya, Hanife Kaya and Ömer Yargı were the third of Turkey. In the team category, Turkey second and third degree was obtained.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, “Sports activities carried out both by the University Sports Federation and within higher education institutions are of great importance for our students to have a successful learning process and acquire all the qualifications required by their profession. Achieving important success in social, cultural and sports fields as well as academic achievements, our University continues to support its young people for their development and preparation for the future. I would like to congratulate our students who contributed to the recognition of our University and wish them continued success by stating that I am delighted that these achievements that our students have achieved with these thoughts.''

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