ODU Continues Qualitative Development in Post-graduate Education


Our university, which increases its academic success chart every year, continues to play a pioneering role in raising analytical thinking, equipped and multi-faceted individuals who can produce innovative ideas in their fields with their graduate programs. Our university, which offers post-graduate and doctoral education opportunities within the Institute of Social Sciences, Science and Health Sciences, has 714 applications in total for master's and doctoral quotas opened in spring semester 2017-2018.
In this context, in the spring semester, 453 candidates applied for 9 masters with thesis (Classroom Teaching, History, Art History, Music, Turkish Education, Basic Islamic Sciences, Graphic Design, Turkish Language and Literature, Cinema and Television) and 1 doctorate (History).
150 candidates applied for the following departments:  13 Master's Degree with thesis (Horticulture, Fisheries Technology Engineering, Plant Protection, Food Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Science Education, Chemistry, Mathematics, Field Crops, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Renewable Energy) and  7 doctorate (Horticulture, Fisheries Technology Engineering, Science Education, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition)
At the Institute of Health Sciences, there were 111 students enrolled in the quota of 14 students for two master's degree programs (Nursing and Medical Biochemistry).
Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Tarık YARILGAÇ said that: “Institutions in our university act with the mission of raising scientists and continue to play an important role in scientific studies for this reason. Our university, which has been continuing its development from the day it was established until today, has grown by 79 times in the number of students in the institution in the process. Besides, in the master program, 12.5 times; he has developed 10 times in his doctoral field. At the same time, our institutes are evaluated as scientific nurseries where academic studies are carried out, future scientists and academicians are trained, and in this way great contributions are made to increase the international recognition of the countries in the field. We aim to educate future scientists by raising the quality of education and providing students with different opportunities by participating in student exchange programs by making business associations with universities which have a say in national and international field since day when we come to see. Within this scope, as Ordu University, we continue to give all kinds of support to our students who participate in master's and doctoral programs in the main branches of science within our institutes”.

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