Yesevi Reward Ceremony held at ODU

The Reward for Annual Yesevi has been rewarded to RTÜK Specialist , Research Author, Dr Hayati Bice. The Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç, The Head of VET School of Social Sciences, Prof Dr Abdullah Eren, The Consultant of the 21st Century Youth Debate Club, The lecturer Reşit Akdağ and a great deal of academicians and students have taken part in the Rewarding Ceremony in the concert hall of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts.

The Rector has presented the reward to Dr Hayati Bice at the ceremony held in the framework of UNESCO in 2016.

After the ceremony Dr Bice had a lecture entitled ‘’ 25 Years on the way to Yesevi’’. At his lecture Dr Bice told that he had spent 25 years with the studies of Ahmet Yesevi and added that he was very peaceful as he was able to reach the book ‘’ Divan-ı Hikmet’’ about Ahmet Yesevi’s advices and he said that the book had already been reached to the children in Azerbaijan geography. Dr Bice added that the unifying personality of Ahmet Yesevi affects the people in Azerbeijan as well because Allah friends are effective in every land. Wherever people read Ahmet Yesevi, he is there. Ahmet Yesevi is one of the most important figures in Turkish history’’.

After the conference  Dr Bice delivered the book ‘’ Divan-ı Hikmet to the lecturer and the consultant lecturer Reşit Akdağ and the book ‘’The stories from Yesevi Ancestor’’ to a student.





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