The Board of Pride of ODU Faculty of Medicine

Since the year it was founded, Ordu University has been carrying out physical and academic development to a higher level every passing year and the students of the Faculty of Medicine graduated in the period of 2016-2017 achieved 37% success in the examination for specialty in medicine.

Internationally recognized doctors and academicians in the field of medicine, working to create contemporary and feasible solutions to the health problems of our country and the world; our university, which aims to be an institution that has become a part of our country and our country that we have been studying, researches and health services, gave its first graduates in the education period we passed. At the end of the academic year, 12 of the students graduated with 33 doctors earned the examination for specialty in medicine with 37% success.

The 37 percent success achieved is a proud table in terms of our University and Faculty. Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan stated that the academicians who were in this pride of labour had congratulated the students of the doctors who were future representatives of a sacred profession that won the in the examination for specialty in medicine and touched human health and life.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated about the subject that : “Since our foundation as Ordu University, we have been carrying out national and international scientific activities with our scholars who are knowledge judges, follow up change, have up-to-date knowledge and improved innovation ability. To keep pace with this change in the process of turning the world societies into 'knowledge societies' and to shape our educational model according to the changing process will be an essential feature for universities that are qualified science people. The main objective of Ordu University in this rapid development and change process is to challenge the development of a society equipped with information-based systems. As a result of the studies we carried out in this context, we gave our first graduates from Faculty of Medicine in 2016-2017 education and training year. The success of our graduate students in examining their field in a short period of time satisfies us with great success. Because we are college graduates; Key to the change, the driving force of development, developed in all areas, growing in stability, strong, democratic and prosperous Turkey we see as the architects. I congratulate all of our students on this occasion and wish I could continue their success.”

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