Ordu 1st Development Workshop Started at University Hosted

Ordu 1st Development Workshop, which will contribute to Turkey's 2023 vision and economic development of the city, started at university hosted.

Before the program, following the visit of Ordu Governor Seddar Yavuz to the office of  Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Ordu 1st Development Workshop, which was organized under the coordination of the Governorship of Ordu and held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Medicine Morphology Building, started. Seddar Yavuz, Governor of the Army, Rector of the University. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, representatives of relevant ministries, provincial protocol, academic and administrative personnel from our university participated in the workshop. 62 academicians and 1 graduate student of Ordu University contributed to the workshop as a member of the moderator and working group, carrying out work in 16 sectors determined by the workshop aimed at carrying out sectoral analyses of the army and consolidating cooperation among stakeholders.

During the opening speech of the workshop, DOKA Ordu Representative Harun Göçer stated that it was important for the Ordu to organize Ordu 1st Development Workshop with about 500 participants. He stated that: “We will determine 2023 Ordu City vision policies in accordance with the macro plans of our country and cooperation between NGOs and institutions. We have collected data from the last 5 years in the 16 sectors that we have identified and have made a careful study by contacting the experts in these fields. In this meaningful workshop I present my thanks to everyone makes an effort.”

The mayor of Altınordu Engin Tekintaş stated that: “With this workshop, we will create a response to what areas in Ordu can be done and initiate a planned change process. Especially the tourism field is very important for Ordu. With this workshop, we will place the process of change on a solid ground that will bring Ordu to its targets by generating meaningful results under the leadership of our very valuable Army Valiant Seddar Yavuz.”

Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that: “We are proud to host the 1st Development Workshop in Ordu, which will make meaningful contributions to our city, as an institution and to offer contributions at a professional level. We are a young and dynamic university that has made a significant breakthrough in academic value in our city, which has a long history and a rich cultural heritage. Our academic staff acted with this responsibility while performing our activities in the knowledge of how virtuous the information is, will also present important contributions in the 16 sectors determined during the workshop. As all the stakeholders of Ordu, we can direct the future if we set our targets realistically. The fact that all of our stakeholders meet around the same targets through this workshop and carry out studies to reach the same targets within a certain period of time will provide important benefits in the framework of development in the coming years. I hereby express my gratitude to our esteemed Governor, who makes great effort in this meeting, and to representatives of the institution who came to contribute from outside and from within.”

Vice Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality stated that: “I wish that the first workshop organized this year will offer significant contributions to Ordu. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working to make the army a brand city in every sense, is ready to make contributions in all 16 sectors determined within the scope of the workshop. We are therefore honored to be at this workshop and thank everyone who has been involved in the organization.”

The Governor of Ordu Seddar Yavuz stated that: “I care more about 16 sectors determined within the scope of the workshop. The first one is the agricultural sector. In particular, the amount of hazelnut products obtained from the unit area is decreasing and due to the aging of the trees, our hazelnut stores are shrinking. We are therefore required to cultivate certified seedlings at this point and to process the finished product as a full product beyond just seeing it as a finished product. The second is the tourism sector. Ordu is gradually turning into a tourism city. Compared to the previous year, the increase in our total number of tourists is about 25% this year, while we are about to catch the target of 1 million tourists. Another sector is transport and infrastructure works. We must produce projects that will facilitate access to the natural beauties of Ordu with all our stakeholders. Another is to gain the identity of a city that produces in the field of industry. The most important way to prevent the loss of qualified human power by the problem of immigration is passing through the industry. I would like to express our gratitude to the participants of the workshop, especially Ordu University, which is an important contributor in organizing and sustaining the workshop, by highlighting that we have a beautiful city at the point of reaching our qualified human power and all our targets and valuable participants from inside and outside of our school.”

Rector Yarılgaç, “It is important to focus on micro targets rather than macro targets.”

Following the opening speech, the panel under the presidency of Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç started. Deputy Director of Ministry of Health Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gündüz, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services Abdülkadir Abduşoğlu, Head of the Department of National Education Süleyman Akgül, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Electrical Engineer Ramazan İrep, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning City Planner Tutku Gökalp, Trade Expert Anıl Durmuş took part as speakers.

The Ministry of Health Deputy Director General Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gündüz stated that it is important for Ordu to carry out studies and prepare infrastructural projects on health tourism. 30 million people traveled within the framework of health tourism and underlined that this constitutes a serious economic resource.

Abdulkadir Abduşoğlu, General Director of Family and Community Services of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, pointed out that the family played a role in raising the child as a social core for development and pointed out that there is an important meaning in the social development of a healthy family structure.

Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Technical Education Head of Department Süleyman Akgül emphasized the importance of vocational education in terms of industry and employment and stated that: “The intermediate staff is now the main staff. Because technicians in the sector, on the other hand, attract attention as a sine qua non. In this point, it is important to train intermediate staff according to industry expectations.

Ministry of Environment and Urbanism City Planner Tutku Gokalp stated that it is important to create model neighbourhoods by expressing that the cities compete with each other in the new period and to make the development of coastal areas especially in coastal cities like Ordu harmonious with nature.

Electrical and Electronics Engineer of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Ramazan İrep pointed out that the projects to be carried out in the framework of development policies in accordance with the development policies should be compatible with agricultural fields and industrial areas in particular.

Anıl Durmuş, Trade Specialist Trade Expert, emphasized the importance of creating brand cities with specialized manufacturing companies in specific areas by emphasizing the production of high added value products.

Following the panel, the panel chairman, who made the closing speech, Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said that we can accelerate our development process by setting sector, sector analyzes and ideas by targeting micro targets rather than macro targets. His speech followed as: “Success will be inevitable with an urban development model that will set an example for the region and humanity. I would like to thank all the panelists who contributed their valuable ideas.”

The ongoing program with sectoral workshop sessions will conclude tomorrow after presentations on sectors' current situation, problems, actions and targets.

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