Higher Education Council (YÖK) President Prof. Dr.  M. A Yekta Saraç reported that "Study in Turkey YÖK Virtual Fair 2020",  will be held in July, 20-22 which is the global virtual fair to be held for the first time in the history of higher education in order to reduce the negative effects of student mobility restricted in the global new coronavirus epidemic process and to introduce Turkish universities abroad in digital media in this process.

Prof. Dr.  M. A Yekta Saraç said that "Within the scope of the Target Oriented Internationalization Project that we have initiated as the New YÖK in recent years. The number of international students, which was 48 thousand in our country, reached a record increase of 180 thousand five years ago. In order to prevent the great progress of the internationalization of the Turkish higher education system in recent years due to the Kovid-19 global epidemic, we have implemented important structural arrangements. "

In this context, fort he international student applicants who want to study in Turkey in 2020-2021 academic year in the fall semester some important new opportunities were given. These candidates have the opportunity  for pre-registration until December 15, 2020. He explained that some opportunities were provided such as registration, accelerated compensation training, the ability to freeze registration during the fall semester, to start education in the spring term, and to provide the students with digital opportunities through distance learning during the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.

 "Attention will be drawn to Turkish higher education in 142 countries"

YÖK President Saraç stated that the preparations for the first virtual fair have been completed in order to reduce the negative effects of the mobility restricted in the new coronavirus epidemic process and to introduce Turkish universities abroad in digital media.

Stating that they aim to draw attention to Turkish higher education in 142 countries where Turkish diplomatic representatives are present through virtual fairs, to bring young people of higher education age with universities in a virtual environment, to inform them about the opportunities to be offered in higher education, including distance learning and education, Saraç said: "The first virtual fair in our higher education system, 'Study in Turkey Higher Education Virtual Fair 2020 ' will be held this year from 20 to 22 July 2020 date. Turkey clock 08.00- 20:00 in will be held on a global scale "Study in Turkey Higher Education Virtual Exhibition 2020", will be carried out www.virtualfair-yok.gov.t web address.

- 176 Universities will take place at the fair

Saraç said, “Our university will open its doors to potential young people at the fair, which will be held under the YÖK's initiative and organization, under the YÖK's initiative and organizer, so that Turkish higher education, in which approximately 180 thousand international students from 182 countries are currently educated, can attract more international students to the system. Higher Education's Virtual Fair, Turkey's status as a center of attraction in the field of higher education each year to further strengthen in the coming years we are planning to be carried out on a regular basis ".

Our university took its place in the virtual fair event of YÖK 2020 study in Turkey. In this context, the ıntroduction film of our university, introduction brochure, images of our university were prepared in English and Turkish and added to the virtual space reserved for our university. In this context, a virtual stand has been created in the area reserved for our university. In addition, there is a welcome speech by our rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan. A total of 9 live seminars were planned for the fair, which will last for 3 days, and necessary planning tasks were created for the live question - answer section to answer possible questions for 3 days.


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